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Maxed Retail, Dual Tasks, Sure Sale, Faster Staff, Extra Hours, Retail Prices

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2020 at 2:26 PM
Updated: 6th Nov 2022 at 11:30 AM
Maxed Retail Dual Tasks, 7 mods in one package

Patch 1.93

06.08.22 Updated a small error that stopped customers coming in the store
22/03/22 Small code change
13/02/22 Updated employees reaction times to restocking, cleaning and ring up customers.

Bored with your normal one retail action at a time, now we have dual task. You can set two listed task and the retail staff will perform, see attached screenshots

Multi language support

  • Dual Tasks (Now all staff will have two selected task to perform on shift)
  • Buy (Customer time in the shop has been reduced, chance to buy increased and price value purchase increased)
  • Staff Hours (Hours have been increased, Default was 8-12 hours, now 12-24 hours, please note some staff will clock out from 12 hours onwards )
  • Faster Staff (Staff will respond to tasks quicker. Customers waiting to buy has been increased from 2 to 4)
  • Retail Prices (Prices increased to 200% on retail menu)
  • Slacking (Slacking have been reduced a lot, staff will still talk to each other)
  • Sure Sale (Sure Sale has been changed from 4 hours to 60 mins)

MaxedRetailSeparate.zip In the separated package you can select the mods you want to use as they all work independently

Always check if your mods are conflicting with another mod
I use this program though its outdated it still picks up any conflicts
TS4 Package Conflict Detector - WINDOWS ONLY
If you have an error please PM me
Please try the following always:
New saved game with no mods but this one and see if the issue is still happening because it could always be a conflict with another mod

Additional Credits:


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