Articulate, Bewildered, & Piggie Traits

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2020 at 8:33 PM
Updated: 4th Oct 2021 at 11:44 PM - Added Brazilian Portuguese version to downloads
NOTE: These traits are outdated and have a tendency to cause errors. As of 10/21, I'm working on updating and overhauling all of these old traits. So if they look good to you, I suggest checking out my newer traits created this year. Most of the older traits will show up in those and upcoming trait packs.

"Some little ones are just spoiled piggies, and this one is just such a specimen. They're messy too!"

"These sims have the gift of gab, almost always say the right thing, but tend to get especially embarrassed when they do misspeak! They also build social, charisma, and comedy skills faster than other sims."

"This poor sim would lose their head if they weren't attached to their shoulders! They spend a lot of their time in a bemused daze, and have more difficulty building mental and logic skills than other sims do."

Traits should not conflict with anything that I'm aware of, and should work with base game without any packs.

These are the first 3 traits I've made, and I welcome any feedback to help me improve these and future mods. Thank you, and happy simming!

-Jessie Nebulous

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Zerbu for the Sims 4 Mod Constructor.
Thanks to SrAzten for the Brazilian Portuguese version, which you can download here!