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a Brand New Nose slider

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2020 at 10:26 PM
Updated: 30th Nov 2020 at 1:45 PM
Hello Peeps!

Well, I was retired for over a year for personal reasons but I am back to modding again. This time I am working on a set of sims that, if they come out the way I want, I will upload here. But the game does NOT have the noses I need! I tried working with the noses that come with the game but NOPE! darned things won't do what I want! dagnabbit! Of course, my real life SunShine model has to go and have a unique nose sculpt that the game can't make with the default presets! My model's nose is semi-wide on the nostrils and bridge width but narrow on the nose end. His nose side view is just slightly upturned but with a slight bump on the bridge. The game's noses all seem to have the nostrils and nose end width on the same width adjustment. I wasn't able to get them to slide independently.

So! I put my modding cap on and using CmarNYC's wonderfully useful MorphMaker tool I got to work making the nose I WANT.

I'm releasing this nose early because I've been using it on my Base Sim test mannequin. He came out kinda cute even though he is just a base template for the sim set I'm working on. (If you look at that nose and know your KPOP singers you may be able to figure out what set I'm working on.) That's as much of a hint as you're gonna get.


This is the nose slider I made on my test sim. And next to it is my sunshine model's nose. It took DAYS to model and test the mesh for this nose! So it is my best effort.

The nose is adjustable. The width of the bridge, nostrils and tip of nose are separately adjustable to give different looks. I didn't show the narrow nostrils but they go very narrow to very wide. You can have a narrow bridge, wide nose end and very narrow nostrils or the opposite or anything in between.

On Front detail view, grab between the nostrils and the nose end to adjust the width of the nose end. To adjust the nostril width, grab the nostrils themselves. To adjust the bridge width, just grab the upper nose and slide it over.

The side view allows you to adjust the up/downturn of the nose as well as the bridge bump size. The more upturned the nose is, the smaller the nose bridge bump is. in default side view, grab the nose just above the nostrils toward the tip to adjust the up/downturn. The same view to pull he nose out longer or shorter.

The nose icon looks like this and it's in the nose section.

Oh! If you like my test mannequin, which does not look like the sims I'm working on, I gave him a name, It was either gonna be Gary Indiana. (lol a real city name - real bad, I know) or better yet! - Sunny San Mateo. Since I am from the Bay Area, I settled on Sunny (after my Sunshine Model) and San Mateo, California. (But San Mateo tends to get fog schlepping in over the saddle from Half Moon Bay on the coast so it's not always sunny in San Mateo. lol)

When I upload my sim, I'll come back and set the link.

Oh! Totally unrelated - but I happen to be watching it while I work, Since Halloween is coming up. Here's a cute GoGo YouTube MV for you to watch. They gotta play rock papers scissors to find out who, uh.. 'Wins?' before the dance goes on. Watch it. It's cute. Oh, Translation! Most of the song is singing about how to squander money. 'Where's my money at, it's time to party."  lol

Additional Credits:
THANK YOU CmarNYC for making MorphMaker! A most useful tool for modding Sims 4. :D

Thanks to BTS Bangtan Bomb for the Halloween MV.