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Buyable Cars for Mapless Travel

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2020 at 12:25 PM
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Cars you can buy that actually do something (sort of)! Inspired by the fact that I am hella lazy and always visit the lots I can reach in the fewest clicks. I hoped this might inject some variation into my gameplay.

This mod adds some of the EA car models found using debug cheats to the Buy menu, and adds a custom travel menu when you click on them. This categorised menu populates with a list of all the non-residential lots found in your game (except those on destination worlds and in space) and allows your sim to travel there instantly by clicking on the name.

Get To Work lots like the Hospital are also accessible from this menu if you have that EP. It also includes secret lots, such as the Sylvan Glade, although your sim must have visited them at least once before they will appear. The Strangerville Hidden Lab will be available after you inspect the lab door. The Magic HQ is available for travel to any current or former spellcaster.

When your sim travels in this way, they will get a hidden buff that allows them access to the same travel menu by clicking on themselves, as well as a small visible Happy buff for travelling in comfort.

There are 2 downloads available, an all-in-one featuring all the cars, and another for you to pick and choose. If you just want the interactions to add to your own object, they can be found in their own file in the pick and choose download.


The Travel Mechanic
  • Locations are sorted into categories with icons so they are easy to find. Categories only appear if a lot of that type exists in your save somewhere.
  • You can only travel using a car you own, and only Teen and older sims can drive.
  • When you click a location from the car?s menu, the sim will path to the car and then instantly travel to their destination once they reach it.
  • Your active sim will only have the "Drive to" menu when you click on them if they used a car or the "Drive to" menu to get to the current lot (the idea being they have parked their car and can use it to go somewhere else).
Most lots are sorted by their lot type, but other are grouped together in the following ways:
  • Drive to Park: Parks and National Parks are grouped together
  • Drive Somewhere Else: Generic lots and active career lots (Hospital, Police Station, Acting Studio, Science Lab) are grouped together
  • Drive Somewhere Special: Lots with their own special lot type are here such as Myshuno Meadows and the Von Haunt Estate
  • Somewhere Secret: Hidden lots such as the Sylvan Glade, Forgotten Grotto, Secret Lab (Strangerville) and Magic HQ are here, as long as you meet the necessary conditions (see above).

The Vehicles
  • Small improvements to EA models, such as adding footprints where they were missing, and updating textures so that the cars are more uniform in terms of metallic shine and window colour. I also improved some textures that were very pixelated when you zoomed in.
  • Prices, names and descriptions added to every vehicle, mostly based on their Sims 3 equivalents.
  • Cars can be found under Outdoor Activities and Transportation in the Buy menu.
  • A handful of additional swatches added to most of the models (none added to the cargo truck or limo).
  • Gameplay effects added to the cars:
    - An increase in bills to simulate the costs associated with owning/running a car.
    - A small negative eco rating, because driving a petrol/diesel car isn?t exactly eco-friendly.
    - An environment bonus, with the pricier cars having a bigger one.


This mod has no requirements and uses no scripts. There?s a chance that it may not be compatible with older versions of the game, I haven?t tested it. This mod should not conflict with anything.

Please let me know if you have any problems!

Known issues

For whatever reason, when you?re visiting the Get To Work lots (i.e. Secret Lab, Police Station, Hospital) you cannot see any lots located in Del Sol Valley from the ?Drive To? menu, and vice versa. This is not an issue with the mod as far as I can tell, but some strange interaction between the Get To Work lot world and Del Sol Valley. If anyone has any idea how I can work around that, please PM me.


If you would like to add the interactions from this mod to another object and redistribute it you are completely free to do so, although I would prefer if you gave credit to this mod wherever you upload it.

Additional Credits:
Created with Sims4Studio.