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TS3 - 6 Brand New Half Walls!

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2020 at 6:56 PM
Hi all!

So lately I started playing TS3 again and I found an old hard drive that contained this little gem I made years ago and had completely forgotten about.
I always thought the half wall options we have in TS3 are limited so I made these these 6 BRAND NEW half walls.


1) The thumbnails for some of the walls might look a bit weird in-game. No idea why this is happening but don't worry this doesn't affect anything.
2) Most of these fences are mesh edits from a base game fence and one that came with Supernatural. ALL OF THEM ARE BASE GAME COMPATIBLE
3) Custom names and descriptions (did my best)

So yeah that's pretty much it! Go nuts with the new walls

Polygon Counts:
1.Grandma's "Privacy" Half Wall - 742
2.Grandma's Revised Victorial Half Wall - 720
3.Grandma's Victorian Half Wall - 678
4.Half Centurion Half Walls - 845
5.Perfectly Plank Half Wall - 124
6.Quaint Half Wall - 216

Additional Credits: