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Lhama Bar & Restaurant (Minimal CC)

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2020 at 10:16 PM
It's me again! Getting out of my confort zone... I present everyone with a community/business lot: The Lhama Bar & Restaurant

Story time: I have a Sim named Wolfgang, despite being named after a famous musician he grew up very found of cooking with amazing 8 points while still a teen! This restaurant was planned for him, using a retro style that i really think fits the strangetown neighbourhood. I'm very pleased with the results and also how fast it took me to build it.

The restaurant is pretty basic in shape: 3 containers, 2 united by a smaller brick room served as entryway in the ground floor and another container in the second floor where you can locate the kitchen, bathrooms and a spacious covered patio with more seating spots. Since i planned the restaurant to be a business you can also let one of your families run this place, there is even a small acess from the kitchen to a hang out space, planned for staff and the business owner (it's actually a balcony but covered... i hope the tv stays safe).

You can watch me build this lot here and see for yourself how fast it took me.

CUSTOM CONTENT NEEDED (and not included) !

Breezeless Windows by leefish
Shipping Container Walls Set 1 (I only used the red and the green) by deessims2

Custom Content also used but optional since both are object recolours

Llama on Red by Strange Tomato
Sims-of-Steel sofa II and You Got Muscle chair amazing recolours by ClaudetteCorleone

Also a disclaimer: I do have some default replacements for objects and some stuff will not look the same for everyone.

Hope your Sims will enjoy this restaurant anytime soon

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price (furnished): 67.591