Dr. Vu's Suburban Home/Hidden Lab (One Item of Optional CC)

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This is 100% a completely normal home. Why are you looking at me suspiciously?!

I shared this privately for Simblreen on Tumblr, but many here may not go there, so I wanted to share it with you guys too.

Well, it seems our lovely scientist had decided to plop down a residence outside the bustling downtown and in the suburban area! I don't blame you... I didn't know Dr. Vu had a home outside a lab either! ...and it looks so... normal?! Seems they fled off in a bit of a hurry, hmm... let's peek inside. (Use the photo gallery to see all pictures and more up close details on the rooms!)

See? Normal.

Most will see a luxurious one bedroom, two bathroom home with two balconies housing activities for entertaining guests, keeping fit, playing games, gazing into the stars, using creativity and reading with plenty of books. Peer a bit closer and you start to wonder... wait, there is a lot of unaccounted space left, isn't there?! You would be right, of course, and behind the three larger bookcases in the main room you will find the spaces the wacky scientist kept hidden away from the general public to continue experiments and research in secret. The guests would have been careful not to read a Mysterious novel by mistake and end up locked in a room to become a test subject.

One room for creating medicine and/or viruses (depending on how the doctor feels) with mock surgery to see how these affect the body. One room for experiments using electricity, so the results can carefully be recorded. The "generous" researcher seems also to have plenty of life elixir on hand to keep you alive as long you're needed and is a close personal friend of the grim reaper, so you can be returned to life if an experiment goes horribly wrong. It also appears if there is too much suspicion, this slimy scientist can easily change their face, clothes and aspiration to throw any pursuers off their trail. Yes, indeed, the inventor always seems just one step ahead.

Of course this home could be bought and converted into a "normal" home with bedrooms, doors and extra bathrooms instead of experiment/research rooms, but you can be the judge of that. Just be wary of any new people in town for a while claiming to be a scientist, doctor or inventor, as Dr. Vu wears many hats and has many degrees...
See, a TOTALLY normal home. Right?! RIGHT?!

This lot has:
  • One bedroom (technically three if you count the test subject rooms downstairs)
  • Two full bathrooms
  • Eat-in kitchen with grill and bar on the back balcony
  • Multiple bookcases, piano, violin, two easels, fireplace and nectar bar downstairs
  • Darts, chess, hot tub on back balcony
  • Telescopes and drafting table on upper front balcony
  • Exercise equipment off of main bedroom on the balcony
  • Three research rooms with multiple career rewards
  • Two additional bedrooms for test subjects that you can completely live in

The wide spread of solar panels actually allows you to get a credit back, so no bills! (Around 400+ Simoleons refund)

One item of CC: (Buyable Reagents by Neder which is optional) - which for some reason doesn't come up as CC in the MTS uploader.
All EPs and SPs installed. A clone of this lot was play-tested with no issues. Any questions just ask!

This is the most expensive home I have ever built, so I'm quite nervous and quite proud! Thanks so much for looking, and reading this far!

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 220602

Additional Credits:
Thank you Neder for the Buyable Reagents