The Pointed Hat Magic Shop Home Business - 3 Types - No CC!

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Uploaded: 9th Nov 2020 at 9:46 PM
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"A candle, a wand, a little this and that - find all this and more at The Pointed Hat!"

(These weren't ready for Simblreen, but I wanted to release them anyway as a "bonus".)

One of the more iconic items associated with witches/warlocks are their hats, and that was the inspiration behind this supernatural home business. Pre-stocked with multiple bookcases (that I would *assume* hold magic related books), reagents, spices, candles, voodoo dolls and witchy statues, this magic shop is ready to go from day one. (Of course, filing it with custom content would be just as nice!)

Dark/Evil Shop

Light/Good Shop

Neutral Shop

Upstairs is a small studio apartment for an apprentice, live-in employee or your witches/warlocks to rest up, although good/evil seats are provided in their respective lots which easily and quickly replenish all their motives. (An extra counter with a coffee pot is provided for the neutral lot for energy boosts.) All lots are basically laid out the same and stocked the same in the shops, but are furnished and landscaped differently.

This home has:
  • Small upstairs studio with bed, small cooking/eating area and bathroom.
  • Downstairs magic shop with pre-filled shelves.
  • Chess, bookcase, telescope for the residents to use.
  • Pre-placed cauldrons and spell books for those whom are already witches (or just for decoration!)
  • Birdcage upstairs and items for a cat on the back porch.
  • Burglar alarm, fire alarm and a phone on both floors.

No CC - All EPs and SPs installed.

Lot prices: Dark - 89,831 / Light - 86,460 / Neutral - 83,647 (The pictures in the gallery are ordered this way as well.)

In my playtests, I ran into no issues with customers browsing or the owners restocking items that I placed for sale, and I placed most everything in the shop for sale.
Reagents must be in the owner inventory to restock, so magical Sims will need to either craft more or use a mod (Buyable Reagents by Neder) to buy more.
Locking the gate near the counters so customers cannot access the cauldron, back porch and studio areas is highly suggested.
A gardening mod would be suggested for all the inaccessible plants behind the glass, under the windows and elsewhere on the lot.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 83647 - 89831

Additional Credits:
Thank you HugeLunatic for the Buyable Witch Items and Shastakiss for the recent edits!
Thank you Neder for the Buyable Reagents