Teleport Memory System - Fixes Teleport For Interactions & Adds Various Features Into the Game

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Uploaded: 18th Nov 2020 at 2:49 PM
Updated: 10th Jul 2022 at 1:55 PM - Version 2.19.1

Newer Updates

Notice on Updates

This mod has moved onto Patreon Public for easy management.
But as of Version 2.19, you can find the updated mod here as well.

Version 2.19.1

This update fixes an issue with the config file generation. This should stop the "cheat_debug_pie_menu" option not found error.

UPDATE: The .1 update should fix the Version Mismatch.

Please DELETE the TD1_TMS_Settings.cfg file so that the script can regenerate the file (when you open up the game) as the config options are all messed up.

Version 2.19

This version adds the Werewolf Super Speed to the TMS handling.

Besides that, 3 new addons have been included:
  • [GP12] Rampaging Disables Teleport
  • [GP12] Werewolf Portal NoTeleport
  • [GP08] Magic Portal NoTeleport

Version 2.13.2

Updated Libraries to simplify tunings.

Version 2.13.1

Minor fix to the Version 2 Notification System, which was conflicting with the Access Panel.

Version 2.13

Minor Logging additions implemented for Sims 4 Logger & the MasterApprentice Logger.

Version 2.12

Fixed an issue with the Possessed Buff not disabling Teleport.

Version 2.11

Not much strides in some planned features.

However, I have added a few more addons that will force certain activities to be Teleport Locked. They are:
  • EP01 - Mind Control Disables Teleport
  • EP01 - No Teleporting For Patients & Suspects
  • GP01 - Go Hiking (Moved out from EP10)
  • GP04 - Command Disables Teleport
  • GP07 - March Disables Teleport
  • GP08 - Minionize Disabled Teleport (Put alongside with Delierate Spell)

Also I have cleaned up the Go For A Walk to work differently and it should not let Ghosts and the Grim Reaper actually walk instead of floating.

Version 2.10.1

This hotfix update fixes the startup notification firing on every load instance finished.

Version 2.10

This update reimplements the injection of the teleport enabler and disabler onto interactions.

Also a Tutorial on the Teleport Memory System can now be found in the Lessons Tab

Lastly, on load up finished, a notification will pop up indicating the Version of the TMS mod. Also from the interaction, you can report bugs into the Discord Server through the button in the notification.

Version 2.03

This update fixes an issue with the TS4SCRIPT that causes a Better Exceptions LE regarding Script Not Found Error. Apparently its caused with some script compile issue.

[.1]Fixed another LE regarding the Interaction Injector breaking. Reverted to overridding resources instead.

Version 2.02

This small update adds the scared emotion display override into the Overridden Go Here Interaction.

As for the LastException issue regarding the Script:TD1_TMS_Buff_Loot_Injector not found, I have removed a tunable that I have added that could have caused the issue. Please update all mod packages and script and ensure that the TS4SCRIPT is no more than one subfolder deep from the Mods folder.

Version 2.01

This small update reverts some things in the addons to override the resource. (Injection Issue With Waypoint Interaction, SI Injection still functional)

Also Mindful Walk will now stop Sims from Teleporting.

Version 2.00

This new version adds more features and automation onto the TMS Mod.

Features Implemented:
  • Broom Teleport is now TMS Capable and also have the option to toggle the Old and New Systems
  • Most addons that add No Teleportation are now using the Loot Buff/Int Injectors - No more overridding
  • Usage of Loot Buff/Int Injectors - Easier addons
  • TMS will now be automatically added on load if Sim have one of the Teleport Enabled Trait

For Snippet Tuning Examples for use in your mods, you can find it over in the downloads page. [Modding Documentation Post]

Mod Description

Make sure you read everything in the mod description! Especially the First Time Usage section

Have you ever have an issue where your Sim would skate or hike or jog but they would instead teleport or just quit the interaction completely due to them having a teleportation always enabled? This mod aims to fix these issues that Maxis have never thought of implementing.

The Teleport Memory System [TMS] is designed to implement and fix things:
  • It remembers your Sims current enabled teleportation through the form of a secondary trait (or memory trait). That memory trait will be used when the primary trait is removed or equipped when interactions like skating or hiking would run and stop.
  • It stops Sims from teleporting when doing certain walkstyle type component is involved (i.e. Skating, Hiking, Jogging, etc)
  • It allows for Sims to toggle the type of teleport system they wish to use (Choose from GoHereSuperInteraction and TeleportStyleSuperInjection)
  • It also fixes issues with the New Vampire Teleport System (Blame Maxis for not putting a testset distance in)

For example, when your Sim go to jog, the jog interaction run a loot action tuning to remove the teleport routing when that interaction starts and the teleport routing will return to the Sim when the interaction is completed or stopped.

Now you can enjoy hiking or skating or jogging without having to disable and enable teleportation.

Updated versions now stop Sims from teleporting with Delierate, when Possessed.

Another feature of this mod allows the Sim to enable or disable their current teleportation without touching the memory trait.

Next, as mentioned, Bat and Mist Teleport was modified by Maxis in Patch 1.68 to use the TeleportStyleSuperInteraction (or New Teleport Type). I'm sure many may have mixed feelings, but with this implementation, the teleport was slower.

[1.10 +] The Teleport Memory System is designed to allow preferences for the Teleport System for EACH type of teleport. With this feature, each teleport can use a different teleport system which can be useful in a bug with routing with platforms on different floors.

Should be mentioned that with the introductions of platforms, any form of routing to a floor/room with a platform will lead to Routing Failure. The workaround for this is to use any teleport with TeleportStyleSuperInteraction. Also, Vampire Run is affected by this as walkstyles uses GoHereSuperInteraction.

[1.10 +] As mentioned earlier, this mod fixes an issue regarding the Vampire Bat and Mist's TeleportStyleSuperInteractions for not having a testset distance to stop breaking interactions with certain objects such as the cauldron.

The TestSet distance to block teleportation is set to 1. If you wish to increase the distance, the tuning can be found in Teleport Memory System under TD1:testSet_Vampire_Teleport_Distance. If you want to use the distance used in the Transportalate, its 7 (I'd recommend not going into double digits, it will make it long range).

This mod supports the following teleports:
  • Bat Teleportation
  • Mist Teleportation
  • Vampire Run (Not a teleportation but is inside for interaction fixes)
  • Transportalate
  • Dark Apparation (Part of Sage of Mastery Magic - Mastery Spells)
  • Mist Teleportation (Part of Vampiric Teleport Spells)
  • Bat Teleportation (Part of Vampiric Teleport Spells)

First Time Usage

The following mods must be updated for the TMS feature to work for the following teleport systems (if you use those mods):
  • Sage of Mastery Magic + Mastery Spells + Ghost Butler + Alchemy [Version 1.63]
  • Allow Occult Interactions In Batuu
  • Vampiric Teleport Spells [Version 3]

Important Note

To enable the TMS system for each Sim, they MUST disable and re-enable their current teleport system (i.e. Mist Teleportation), otherwise the Sim will not use the TMS and will not show the desired outcome introduced in this mod.

Additional Credits:
- S4S