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"Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" Pose Box

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Uploaded: 23rd Nov 2020 at 10:28 AM
Hello! This is my first time posting on this website, and this is also my first ever pose box!

Anyway, onto details you should know about this box:

When you click on the box, it will show the names of each character and they all have a start/stop button when clicked upon.

There are a total of 11 different poses. (Technically 10, if you count the Gyro and Zeppeli poses as one)

For the Gyro (guy standing) and Johnny (guy being carried by guy standing) couple pose, they are named: Gyro Zeppeli Pose A and Johnny Joestar Pose B.
Use them normally as you would any couple posebox.
If you want the couple pose to work correctly, use OMSPs
All the other poses are singular, as shown in the images:

You can find this posebox (for 0 simoleons) in Hobbies/Misc., the box looks like this:

Posebox can be used by adults, elders and teens, but works best with adults.


I hope you enjoy!

Posebox made possible with MilkShape and SimPE Credits:
Decorgal posebox for face overlays
UncleBugEye on youtube for posebox tutorials
Dr. Pixel's Animation Base Meshes
WesHowe for AniMesh Exporter
Digital Angels for Fugo Hair and RaonMh20 Dynamite Hair
XM Sims Flora Hair068
Brattylulu for female black shirt
kalynn06 for plaid skirt
fanseelamb for wine v neck male shirt
MissTiikeri for black pants (Couldn't find link, sorry. Here is their tumblr )
[email protected] for male full outfit