SMB 2x1m Neon Shop Sign

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Uploaded: 12th Dec 2020 at 11:37 PM
low poly neon Shop Sign.
2 border colour variations illuminated and non illuminated versions for both 16 swatches in total.

Recolour allowed (encouraged :-) ) As long as credit given for the mesh and it remains free for the downloader.

if you know how you really dont need to read the next bit ;-) you can probably make your own if you have a look at the item in game :-).
A few notes for anyone wishing to recolour the sign although made of flat planes (think 3d printed stuff) the mesh UV mapped in such a way that you can simulate a 3d surface it has a back middle and front (depth position)for each sign section the open and closed signs have their own coordinates on the texture but follow the same idea. The textures I have made are more a suggestion until I revisit this later, but until I get around to it thought Id share. Currently there is no normal map (design did not justify the usage) but design dependent they do work so I have included blank bump and specular maps in the package to make it that wee bit faster to add them should you want them.
I have used this approach as I "may" animate later (I have played with this its fun but I dont have a design Im happy with yet) also animating a texture is easier and less cumbersome than animating multiple 3d signs :-) (read takes less time lol).
there are some drawbacks the main one being that a side on camera view will hide the sign (it is flat planes after all) however after playtesting I found it's a minor irritation and doesn't occur too often and depending on texture design could be mitigated with a few extra faces still allowing for higher detail than a purely 3d model of the same design without creating to heavy a mesh no one likes playing a slideshow ;-). I have chosen not too for this current design though as its a placeholder for myself, that said it may be some time before i get to so if someone else can do something funky with it go for it :-).

Polygon Counts:
122 polygons
208 verts