50+ Custom Hair Dump [Maxoid Hair System]

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2020 at 4:20 AM
Updated: 18th Nov 2021 at 4:57 AM - alright, everything should be ok by now
These are 50+ custom hairs across all ages and genders using my Maxoid Hair System. What is the Maxoid Hair System, you may ask? Well, I'm glad you asked!

Maxoid was created as a result of my dislike of current hair systems. My main complaint with a lot of hair textures is how liney they are. Real hair isn't always perfectly straight and has lots of fine details and scratches and misplaced strands. So I set out to fix that by making my own!

The texture is a blend of Poppet's v2 and the base hair texture from TS3 which has a lot of details and lines in it which makes it suit my needs, and the final blend has a really pretty "sheen" like effect that gives it some dimension.

The colors are edits of my personal favorite hair colors from Remi and Pooklet. I edited them to be closer to the maxis hair colors while still being modern:
  • Black is Remi's v2 Black, darkened and given a slightly cooler tone
  • Brown is Remi's v3 Brown, which finally doesn?t have a sickly yellow undertone on it. I gave it a cooler blue hue, which I love!
  • Blond is Pooklet's Incendiary, but it?s more of a warmer honey blonde.
  • Red is Pooklet's Molotov but less Red and more warm? I wanted a mix of the Remi-style Red and the NHS style Red, and I got it! (it?s my fav)
  • Gray is Pooklet's Mail Bomb. but significantly desaturated and darkened. I hate gray MM hairs are so platinum and they don?t work on darker sims. Now we actually have a realistic gray!

I retextured 50+ of my personal favorite meshes and I love how they all turned out. Mostly for women, some for men. I will be retexturing lots of more hairs soon!


DISCLAIMER: All meshes are already included in the download, this is simply to give credit to the mesh makers and converters.

Credits: Poppet, EA for the texture base, Remi, Pooklet for the awesome colors, Alesso, Ade, Cazy, Coolsims, LeahLilith, Newsea, Nightcrawler, Raon, Skysims, Amidala, Trapping for the meshes.