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Break into house Mod *ARREST UPDATE*

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Uploaded: 15th Dec 2020 at 9:41 PM
Updated: 15th May 2021 at 8:22 AM - Adding Information

This mod for The Sims 3 allows your sims to break into houses, both occupied residental lots and unoccupied residental lots. This by unlocking the "Break into home" interaction that's normally available only in certain cases in the private investigator profession. But now, all your sims can do it!

The mod has been updated and fixed! There is no longer a requirement for your sim to be in a career to use the interaction! Also, it won't take as long as before to lockpick.

There is now an arrest feature in the mod! Your sim will now get arrested, taken to jail and fined if they get caught. This would not be possible without Battery, who helped me out incredibly with this, in fact, they wrote the entire code for the arrest, so a huge thanks to them!
You can also download their C# script utility mod to adjust the time spent in jail (the default time is 5 sim hours) and the amount to pay in fines (the default amount is 2000 simoleons). Just click on the ground and choose "Battery", the option should then show up.

This mod is a continuation of a code originally written by Jadaytime, who started the code back in 2010, but never finished it and who is currently inactive. What I have done is made it work by editing and adding to the unfinished code. Original code here: https://modthesims.info/archive/index.php?t-406137.html

There are 2 versions of the different files to choose between, one version that allows all sims to break into houses (except if they have the good trait), and another, called Flavor 2, that only allows sims with the Burglar hidden trait to break into houses, which your sims can get if they reach level 7 of the criminal career in the thief branch. So make sure to differentiate between these 2.

There are now 6 files since the arrest update (I know, there's a lot of files..), with the 2 oldest files where your sim must be employed in order to use the "Break into Home" interaction, otherwise the action will just cancel. This was not a big issue however, since it can be any employment, whether it is a rabbithole job, an active career or your sim can simply be self-employed.
This issue has now been fixed in the 2 newer files with the word "FIXED" in them. Now, there are now also 2 additonal files on top of that, where your sim will get arrested if they are caught, so download one of the arrest versions if you want bigger consequences for getting caught. The arrest version might require the University expansion pack. Its important to only have ONE of the 6 files installed.

When you have installed this mod, you can click on any residental lot and choose "Break into home" interaction, however, sims with the good trait are unable to break into houses, except in the Flavor 2 file, where the requirement is that your sim has the Burglar hidden trait. Teen sims are also able to break into houses.

Your sim will then walk to the front door and start lockpicking. Logic skill helps here, as the more logic skill you have, the less time it will take to actually lockpick.

When your sim has broken in, they will start sneaking. If you get caught, you will be thrown out and there is a good chance that the sim who caught you will come to yell at your sim, decreasing the relationship. However, in the arrest files, instead of getting kicked out, your sim will be arrested.

There are some limitations to which houses your sim can break into. If the house has an archway instead of or in front of the front door, you won't be able to break in. Also, if the house is surrounded by a fence using the electronic gate from The Late Night Expansion, your sim won't be able to break in either. In order to actually steal anything, your sim of course has to have the kleptomaniac trait, which means that they are restricted by that trait, meaning that they can only swipe certain amount of objects at certain times, unless you install a mod that alters the way that swiping objects works.
If your sim breaks into a house that is occupied, but the residents are currently out, your sim will want to autonomously go home, which can be a bit of a hassle.

There is an XML file as well as an ITUN file in the package.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Jadaytime, who wrote the original code, Lyralei for the script tutorial, various turorials at ModTheSims, S3PE, Battery, who made the code for the arrest.