Rebel Scum Attire (Journey to Batuu Recolours)

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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2020 at 5:29 AM
Here's some Maxis Recolours of Vi Moradi's outfit from the Journey to Batuu Game Pack! There are 31 swatches total (14 Neons and 17 Darks), and all available colours are shown in the pictures above. It is intended for female sims / feminine frames, but it is enabled for all genders and frames. The recolours are CAS add-on swatches, so you will find these recolours under the original CAS item. It is tagged the same way as the original item (i.e., can be found under "feminine" and "Journey to Batuu" categories).

This item will most likely conflict with any default replacement of this outfit or with other recolours. It might work with other recolours that utilize add-on swatches, but I'm not entirely sure.

Happy simming, and may the force be with you!