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Holidays 2020 - A very industrial Christmas

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Uploaded: 23rd Dec 2020 at 11:46 PM
A very industrial lookin' christmas!

Hello everyone! Here's my holiday collection for 2020! This year i was very inspired by industrial design and neon technology, i've gotten into neon lighting a lot lately as you can imagine by these objects. I think they came out so good, especially the xmas tree! The light strips are animated in-game but don't cast any lighting on objects and wall, just themselves. They have 2 different animation styles, Alternating and Sparkle. Sparkle came out from an mistake i made in the shader properties, a mistake that turned out to look so PRETTY!
I also included a new concrete flooring with a normal and a cracked version for each swatch.
To fetch them in game, look for Littledica holidays on the searchbox in game!

These are all the colors they come in:
I cannot wait to see what you guys are gonna do with them, i'm sure y'all are way more talented at building than i am! HAPPY SIMMING AND ENJOY!