Shirley Temple Doll Sculptures in Two Poses

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Uploaded 31st Dec 2020 at 11:21 AM

1930's to 1940's era Shirley Temple sculptures based on the popular Shirley Temple Dolls of the period.

The figurines come in two different poses, one a simple standing pose, the other a curtsy pose, based on images of the day.

The figurines are small enough to fit on stacked shelves and can be placed on any appropriate surface including tables and floor.

My original idea had been to create a playable doll, but in the end I was not happy with the ridiculously short "play with" animation, nor the way the jointed doll looked in the various sitting and animated positions, so figurine it is!

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Price: 100
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Polygon Counts:
simple pose and curtsy pose each 3764 polygons