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No Community Board Glow

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Uploaded: 18th Jan 2021 at 2:24 PM
Yes, I get it: the community boards are important in the gameplay of Eco Lifestyle... but that doesn't mean they need to have this orange outline (it's not even a glow) blinking around them for ever.
I'd almost consider it a bug fix to remove it
  • MindB_ender_Communityboard_NoGlow - removes the orange outline from communityboards.

  • Overwrites callToAction_CommunityBoard_Vote (000000000003A1FE) and will conflict with any other cc that does the same.

Should not have any other effects on the game. (literally: just the orange glow is removed).

Additional Credits:
Feel free to expand and improve on this if you want to, just don't claim you made it (I won't either).
It was easier to make this then to see if someone on some site already made it, sorry 'bout that.