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The U.F.O. House

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2021 at 9:39 PM
Located on the Plateau Place lot in Strangerville this house is truly one from another world. Emerging from a rock formation that blends in with its surroundings. Black and orange interiors, lots of entertainment, spa area, pool and terrace in the back overlooking the creek.

The house consists of 7 round shaped pods on different levels, all connected to each other.

First Floor: This is the entry level that connects to a pod that contains a spa area with sauna that is surrounded by lots of desert plantings, a hot tub, gym equipment, a massage table and a shower.

Second Floor: This is the main level consisting of two interwoven pods that house the double height entry hall, a powder room and laundry room, indoor planting areas, a big family kitchen with island seating and dining area and one separate pod on a split level that is accessible via a terrace with dining and BBQ Area. This pod houses the living room with TV, bar, fire place chess table and access to the back terrace with octagonal pool and lounge area.

Third Floor: One pod is on this level and it houses the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.

Fourth Floor: A bedroom with bathroom is located in a pod on this level as well as another pod that houses an entertainment room with desk, bubble blower, piano, easel, karaoke machine and music keyboard.

The house interiors are held in black with orange accents and furnishings.

Please have move objects on when placing the lot
It blends in perfectly when placed on the Plateau Place lot in Strangerville overlooking the Creek.

no CC, fully play tested

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 503,522