Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Outfit (Maxis Recolours)

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2021 at 7:33 PM
Here are some recolours of some Maxis items to match Luke Skywalker?s outfit from Star Wars, Return of the Jedi! The set comes with two sets of shirts and one set of pants and boots each.

The first top requires Get Famous (EP06), the second top and the pants both require Journey to Batuu (GP09). The boots are Base-Game Compatible (BGC).
The pants and boots have one (1) swatch each. Both tops have three alternate swatches (i.e., swatches with and without gloves), see the above pictures for all available swatches.
These are intended for Male / Masculine framed sims, but they are enabled for all genders and frames.
The set is available for Teen-Elder sims only, has custom thumbnails, and is disabled for random (except for the boots, whoops).

Where to find the items:
Top (Get Famous): Under "Get Famous", "masculine", "blue" (not sure why I tagged it as this, but this version of the mod is ~a year old), or "button-up" subcategory
Top (Journey to Batuu): Under "Journey to Batuu", "masculine", "black", "gray", "athletic", "everyday", "formal", "party", "hot weather", "cold weather" tags, or "jacket" and "suit jacket" subcategories
Bottom: Under "Journey to Batuu", "masculine", "black", "athletic", "everyday", "formal", "party", "hot weather", "cold weather" tags, "jeans" and "pants" subcategories
Boots: Under "Base Game", "masculine", "cold weather" tags, or "boots" subcategory

These items should be compatible with other recolours or overrides of these game objects, as they are CAS Standalones and separate from the original, existing meshes.

Happy simming, and may the force be with you!