Recoloured Wardrobe - Men's Wall Racks

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2021 at 6:37 AM
Hi! I'm back after a long time. So, this is something that i created back in 2016 when i was just learning how to make CC for Sims 4. i have always had a problem with the limited options and not-so-good colour options for men's things in-game. So i thought i'd make recolours of the Men's Wall Racks. But then i thought, not just recolouring, let's make it functional and so i ended up turning them into Dresser/Wardrobe.

Find them both in the Storage>Dresser/Wardrobe section.

Now, the normal rack has a total of 24 recolours and 4 wood colour options to choose from.

While the formal one has 16 recolours with 4 wood colour options.

Since the original item is from the Base game, so you should be able to use this if you only have base game.
NOTE: Both of them are put in a single package file.
The first time i made it, i shared the result in the Sims4studio forum from 2016: Here

I hope you guys like it~

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Andrew & Orangemittens.
Made using Sims 4 Studio & Adobe Photoshop.