helaene - Trait Extras: Pet Lover Social Interactions

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Uploaded: 8th Feb 2021 at 10:41 AM
Updated: 21st Feb 2021 at 8:40 PM
As if Angela and Lilith Pleasant needed something else to disagree about...

This mod adds social interactions (options when you click on another Sim) if your active Sim has the Cat Lover or Dog Lover traits. It goes without saying that you need the Cats & Dogs LP to use them.

As this is a script mod, you must enable script mods in your game options, and both files must be nested no more than one folder level inside your Mods folder.

All social interactions are contained within new Dog Lover and Cat Lover pie menus. Most interactions have custom speech balloons for appropriate iconography.

Cat Lover:

All interactions reveal Cat Lover trait and increase Friendship, and are available autonomously unless otherwise noted.

  • Complain about Dealing with Cat Litter

  • Enthuse about Floof

  • Express Skepticism about Having Too Many Cats

  • Joke about Cats Owning Hoomans (Funny)
    Not autonomous

  • Squee about Kitteh Toe Beans

  • Talk about Cats Chattering at Birds

  • Talk about Internet-Famous Cat

  • Tell Story about Funny Cat Antics (Funny Story)
    Not autonomous

  • Discuss Risk/Reward Ratio of Petting Cat Bellies

Dog Lover:

All interactions reveal Dog Lover trait and increase Friendship, and are available autonomously unless otherwise noted.

  • Assert that Dogs are Man's Best Friend

  • Debate Pronunciation of "Doge"

  • Describe Inability to Pass Dog without Petting

  • Enthuse about Very Good Bois

  • Pity Dogs in Safety Collars
    Increases: Empathy
    Not autonomous

  • Recommend Doggo Social Media Accounts

  • Share Funny Dog Confession Memes (Funny)

  • Talk about Excited Pupper Tippy-Taps

  • Tell Story about Heroic Dog (Story)
    Not autonomous

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<3 helaene

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Zerbu for their Mod Constructor, and to Kiara for inspiration and encouragement!