Masculine Victorian Clothing for Females

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Uploaded: 1st Feb 2021 at 11:22 AM
Updated: 2nd Sep 2021 at 2:24 PM
Edit: Made a version of the shirt for EF with the elder waist, so it could be worn with my Victorian EF skirts as well.

This is a long one. Someone mentioned in a WCIF that they couldn't find masculine Victorian clothing for females, for a sim of theirs who was planning to disguise herself as a male. I poked around and got obsessed with it.

Firstly, the trousers here for adult and teen females. Everyday separates. The adult ones are also enabled for elders, as for some reason all my cross dressing separates are like that, so they go with more than if they had the EF waist. So they won't work with elder tops. There is also a suspenderless version. In 5 colours.

And a plain shirt taken from the shirtwaist dress here and the FFS nightgown for children, for child unisex and adult and teen females (the same thing as above applies with elders). Everyday separates in 5 colours.

Secondly, a conversion of AAS' adult male victorian suits in 13 colours for adult, elder and teen females (elders use the adult mesh). The link for the suit mesh is here. Available for Everyday and Formal. I also did the suits for teen males, because they already had the Maxis mesh.

Thirdly, the GLS vest and tie shirt separated from here for adult and teen females (the same thing as above applies with elders). 4 colours, everyday separates. Also, one recolour from here.

Finally, a conversion of Cupcakeyy's Regency outerwear here for adult females, using TheNinthWaveSims AF conversion of the Maxis AM trenchcoat here. 8 colours, available for outerwear (this is the only outfit that requires Seasons).

Although AAS' terms of use say no remixes of her work I'm uploading it under the rules here.


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In the past, we've required either permission or a stated policy that says you can "remix." But many creators disappear, have no policies or unclear policies, and you can't ask permission because you can't contact them. In light of this, we allow "remixes" of other creators' work, even if you don't necessarily have permission and their policies don't state you can.

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The AAS site is gone and only accessible via the Wayback Machine and I got no response to an email, so I believe that it meets the 'permanently offline' condition. If AAS should come back to the community or object then I'll take the upload down.

Everything has fat morphs.

All About Style
Suza - Simply Styling

Polygon Counts:
aftievest = 1452
afvictrousersnosuspenders = 1622
afvictrousers = 1622
afplainshirt = 1010
cuplainshirt = 1070
tfplainshirt = 1012
tfvictrousers = 1622
tfvictrousersnosuspenders = 1622
tfvesttie = 1452

Additional Credits:
simmer22, who I should just automatically credit for everything I make, because she is amazing at responding to problems. <3