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Old Fashioned Skirt Suits for Women

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Uploaded: 5th Feb 2021 at 2:46 PM

I present to you 23 skirt suits for adult and young adult women. They are good for your 1930-1940s households or teachers, professors, historians etc. or just formal clothes for modest sims. Most of them are just neutral or earth tone colours like black, gray, brown, beige...

There are outfits with the textures from the male three-piece formalwear (but the checkered one has a black tie instead of green, and there is an additional black suit with lavender tie), some others with a simpler texture of male suits, a closed (the original dark brown and a black, both with and without tie) and two open coats. The remaining ones are with textures of some female outfits that were originally pantsuits, with some modifications.
Two dresses have textures from the University EP (originally short and named modsuits), one of them has a black version of the original green coat over the dark brown skirt; however you do not need the University expansion pack for these.

Actually, I made all outfits in a way that they all have button up shirts and tights underneath, even if their original textures did not include those.

All of the outfits are available for adults and young adults, in the everyday and formalwear category. No new mesh is needed, these are just recolours of a base game outfit.

Additional Credits:
All of the textures used are from the vanilla Sims 2 game, except one shoe type, which is from an outerwear outfit from All About Style (the second to last one on this page: https://web.archive.org/web/2017121...outerwear2.html).