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Fry 'Em Up: Deep Fryer, Family Diner Lot Trait and Sauce Pairing

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2021 at 10:47 AM
Updated: 13th Jun 2022 at 2:21 PM
Compatibel with Game Version1.77.146.1030
Base Game Compatible, several add-ons will require DLCs, and sauce pairing works best with Icemunmun's Canning Station.(See Link Below)

Updated On 2021-3-7 for Russian (by Origamika), Spanish (by GeoSims and JochiTech) and French (by Kimikosoma) Translations
Updated On 2021-8-4 For Cottage Living features and fixed some bugs.
Updated On 2022-6-13. Added an interaction "Check This Out" to help your Sims if they can't cook. Also moved the Lot Trait to Lot Challenge catalog.

Gameplay Digest

Bring A Deep Fryer Home: Deep fryer is a brand new kitchen appliance in this mod pack. It will not only satisfy their tongue, but also take their life to a higer level. Want to have comfort food to help with negative feelings? Or have some fried gourmet for a fresh new day? And even fried ice cream? COOL. With a deep fryer, your Sims? life will be hotter than ever!

Enjoy Fried Goodies: Cater your Sims to over 20 brand new recipes (with more to come!) and feel the magic of Maillard reaction. Beware the negative effects and utilize the positive effects. And at last: See how tasty they are!

Run your fast food diner: Want some brand new challenge at home? Turn your house into a family diner! Place out your best food and feed those hungry customers. Meet special customers and see Simoleons flood in.

Experiment With Sauce Pairing: Icemunmun's Canning Station Mod, perhaps you've played with it? With this new mod pack, the sauces can be used to flavorize your fried foods! Challenge yourself by determining the matching sauce. Spread chocolate sauce over ice cream, Season your Tempura with Mustard, and add extra spiciness to Stinky Tofu.

Deep Fryer
In Buy Mode, Find "Goopy's Not-So-Deep Deep Fryer" and "Sizzle Twin Baby Pro Deep Fryer' under Kitchen Appliances.
With the deep fryers, fry some delicious food, enjoy the power of comfort food, choose your oil, and mind your health!
Deep fryer consumes oil while cooking, and except for ingredient costs, all you spend while cooking are spent for oil. Different Oil have different effects. It is worthy of noticing that recipes above Level 5 Cooking skill are cooked by re-frying the food to make it extra crispy, which means the quality effects will be applied twice.

Recipe List
Unlocked with Cooking skill:
Those ten classic fried goodies grants a buff that alleviates negative feelings, extend positive feelings, and slightly lowers motive decay!
1.French Fries (Level 1, potato as optional ingredients)
2.Fried Apple Rings (Level 2, apple and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
3.Onion Rings (Level 3, onion and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
4.Fried Chicken Nuggets (Level 4, Faux Meat Cube and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
5.Squid Rings (Level 5, vampire squid and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
6.Fried Fish Fillets (Level 6, Fish and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
7.Fried Chicken Drumsticks (Level 7, Faux Meat Cube and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
8.Fried Chicken Wings (Level 8, Faux Meat Cube and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
9.Fried Chicken Cutlets (Level 9, Faux Meat Cube and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
10.Fried Bullfrog (Level 10, Any Frog and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

Unlocked with Gourmet Cooking skill:
Those ten fried gourmets grant a buff that further alleviates negative feelings, extend positive feelings even longer, and greatly lowers motive decay! They also have a visible buff after eating, which extends the power of fried food even after the food! Magical Gourmets!
1.Vegetable Tempura (Level 1, bell pepper, mushroom and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
2.Shrimp Tempura (Level 2, crawdad, mushroomand egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
3.Churros (Level 3, cocoa bean, wheat and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)
4.Youtiao (Level 4, wheat from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; grants extra moodlet if consumed while drinking Tofizz in Eco Lifestyle or Soymilk from Icemunmun)
5.Stinky Tofu (Level 5, tofu from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; Sims might like or hate it after several servings of them; Foodies, Gluttons, Slobs and Adventurous Sims will definitely like it)
6.Tonkatsu (Level 6, Faux Meat Cube and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; grants extra moodlet if consumed while drinking canned Miso Soup in Snowy Escape)
7.Wiener Schnitzel (Level 7, Faux Meat Cube and lemon as optional ingredients; slows down social decay after consuming)
8.Fried Cream Puffs (Level 8, wheat, cocoa bean and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; slows down fun decay after consuming)
9.Snowcoated Beanpaste (Level 9, Black Bean, Red Bean and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; massively slows down social decay after consuming)
10.Wagyu Katsu Sando (Level 10, Faux Meat Cube and breadstick, egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; massively slows down fun decay after consuming; the higher its quality is, the slower the motive decays)

Fried Ice Cream-Requires Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack:
Fried Ice Cream not only grants happiness for Sims, but also make them immune to Temperature. When paired with the matching sauce, it grants an even stronger buff that freezes motive decays!
1.Fried Vanilla Ice Cream (Level 3, vanilla bean, cherry and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

Mind Your Health!
Fried food make Sims lose their appetite, therefore their hunger will decay slower after eating fried food. After two serving or three serving in several hours, this effect will be even stronger. But upon the fourth one in the near hours, beware. This one will instantly gain weight for them, and might generate some short-term effects or long-term effects. Short-term effects include Nausea, Diarrhea, Nightmare, Constipation, or Loss of Appetite; Long term effects include cardio issues, mental health, physical limitations or stomach issues.

Reward Traits
This mod also adds a couple of new reward traits for your Sim to utilize Fried Food and Deep Fryer.
1.This mod also adds a couple of new reward traits for your Sim to utilize Fried Food and Deep Fryer.
2.Grease Immunity: Completely immune to the negative effects of fried food.
3.Sauce Master: Knows the best sauce for the food after tasting, and gains powerful moodlet after a perfectly paired sauce.
4.Petty Fryer: Cook fried food at half price, and occasionally save ingredients.
5.Maillard Wizard/Witch: Can cook impeccable food on the the deep fryer.
6.Deep Fried Soul: Gains powerful moodlets while and after eating fried food.
7.King/Queen of the Fryer: The food they make with the deep fryer never spoils, and are always outstanding.

Run a Fast Food Diner
In Build Mode, Find 'Chained Fast Food Diner' Lot Challenge, and assign it to your residential lot. That will get you started.
Click on the mailbox, and you'll find a menu that says "Manage Diner", you can open or close the diner any time you want.
Once you open the diner, customers will come. More customers will generate on weekends, and also at lunch time or dinner time. Customers will browse any food you've provided and placed somewhere on your lot, purchase them , and start eating. After finishing a meal, they leave.
Customers will give feedback on the food, and offer tips according to that. They'll also increase the rating of the diner if they consume excellent or impeccable meals. Bad meals will decrease the rating
If you make customers wait for too long, they'll leave and decrease the rating. You can hire performers to play instruments, sing, dance, tell jokes, perform scenes and more to keep customers waiting.

What does rating do?
Click your Sim and under "Manage Diner", they can order food ingredients online, or call over sauce master to purchase sauce.
The diner is wlll demand a weekly franchise fee by increasing the bills of your lot. As you rank up, the franchise fee will be more demanding...Don't complain, it's the corporate after all.
Since it's a chained diner, you don't mark up prices like you do with market stall or business. The prices are defined by the Corporation. When your diner ranks up, the price multipliers of the food also goes up. Customers will also give more generous tips.
Ranking up will also generate more customers, as well as special customers that gives random benefits or increase the difficulty of maintaining the diner.

Special Customers
Special customers adds a special flavor to the diner feature, adding randomness, challenges and rewards to the long run, to make the diner feature less repetitive and have greater reward even in longer game-span. Your diner owner will gradually meets them all as they rank up -- just don't pass before that, some of them only appear at a extraordinarily high rating.
Since some might just want peace, ordinary family diner without shenanigan or trouble, and focus on cooking itself, the customers can be disabled by category. You'll find the option on the mailbox in "Manage Diner" - "Toggle Specific Guests".
Meet all the special guests and run a cozy diner with touching moments and choices to make!

Sauce Pairing
This mod does not include Icemunmun's Canning Station mod. For more sauces you need to use her wonderful canning station mod.
This part of gameplay is also viable with City Living for some Asian spices and spicy sauces. SCCO's ketchup also works. From Aug 4th, 2021 Update on, you can use Cottage Living Canned Goods to pair with fried goodies.[b]

Food made out of a deep fryer can be flavored with sauce if you have any food in your inventory.
Sauces are categorized by flavor, such as sweet, sweet and sour, sour, spicy, Asian, herbal and salty vegetarian; Some special sauces have their own category, like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, garlic sauce, and vampiric sauce.
Each fried goodie has a matching sauce. When flavored with the matching sauce, there will be special benefits. Other sauces might be generic and gives a plain happy buff.
Other than perfect sauces and plain sauces, some sauce pairing are just terrible. Food and preserves that are not meant to be sauces will also make the food bad. Not only will this make Sims uncomfortable, but also will this irritate Foodies and Perfectionists; Adventurous Sims might like this, though.
Some special sauces have special effects! For example, plasma Fruit Jam and Heart Jam will allow vampires to recover thirst by consuming the food; others will feel nausea though.

This mod is far too complicated, and this is not a real in-depth guide. Explore yourself for more secrets!

Object Polygon Count:
i) Goopy's Not-So-Deep Deep Fryer:
High LOD: 559 Vertices/424 Polygons
Med LOD: 325 Vertices/221 Polygons
Low LOD: 325 Vertices/221 Polygons

ii)Sizzle Twin Baby Pro Deep Fryer
High LOD: 740 Vertices/586 Polygons
Med LOD: 425 Vertices/302 Polygons
Low LOD: 425 Vertices/302 Polygons

[b]Additional Credits:

2.Baidu Picture for texture.
3.Kimikosoma's help for testing the mod.
4.Icemunmun's help, feedback and harvestables, as well as support during my modding process to help me make this mod!
5.SrslySims' Ketchup and sauces.
6.Wikipedia and Google Translator for food names.
7.Ilkavelle's "Perfectly Balanced Aspiration" for name of the organic oil
8.voky's Sims 4 Translator
9.Sims 3 Devs for deep fryer model
10.Moderators for Sims Tieba, including Miaowcc, mumu and qiuzhang for feedback and advice.
11.Group chat companions for feedback, including 小黄、小布、小羽、朵朵、冰冰 and 孤城
12.Fry Em Up on Youtube for English name of this mod pack.
(Not ranked by importance)