Fellbridge - A 1990s Suburban Town [Includes CC]

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Uploaded: 14th Mar 2021 at 12:20 PM
Updated: 14th Mar 2021 at 10:29 PM
Due to lots resetting, the welcome wagon may still come for the pre-made families. Use twojeffs's Welcome Wagon Hacks to prevent this.

Version without custom genetics added. Download this version if you use defaults or play without CC. (Updated; now all the dark brown eyes should update properly.)

Welcome to Fellbridge!


A long time ago I had a weird dream that looked like an animated TV show about a single mother and her two teenage kids, and when I woke up all I could remember was what they looked like and that their last name had something to do with the word "birds". I thought "Hey, I could make a cartoon out of that", and from there the Madarak family was born, and their world was slowly built around them.

Then I realised making an actual cartoon was a lot of work and expensive, so I just made it in The Sims 2.

So, here is my first (and probably only) custom neighborhood. I have been working on it over the past few months. It's kind of all over the place, but I'm pretty proud of it.

Please note that this is a pretty customised neighborhood and has specific design that may not suit every player's tastes. Please read through and make sure you understand everything before you install it, thank you


Warning to those who play without CC or with default replacements: There is Maxis Match genetic CC. Sorry. There is one set of dark brown eyes (More Eye Colours in Maxis' Style by domi95) used on several sims and two different skin tones (Geneticized Maxis Match Skintones by Purplepaws and aqualectrix) used on three sims. If you do not install these, the sims who have them will get corrupted DNA, and if you use defaults, these will not get replaced. Please download the file marked WITHOUT CC skins and eyes.
The pet "skunk" in the Gentil family is not the dangerous game-corrupting Stinky Skunk NPC. It is a normal cat wearing a skunk outfit, thanks to the brilliant MidgeTheTree. However, a consequence of this is that the outfit will not appear outside of live mode (he will look like a regular cat in thumbnails) and if he is selectable, his head will be invisible in his pie menu. This is not corruption, it is just visual glitches due to how the game handles the skunk.
You need CEP installed for the Smashing Pumpkins poster and aikea_guinea's wall writings to show up. Not sure about the other ones - I know Lili's other posters don't need it at least.
North & South Obsidian Apartments have fire escapes (more than one exit in all units), which may cause annoying routing behaviour and townies breaking & entering.
Since hotel lots do not work properly in main hoods, I made the Grotside Motel an apartment. It does have "communal" cars, which may disappear if you edit the lot while it is zoned as an apartment, so use caution.
It has been tested, and all lots containing CC should load fine without it, although there will be Maxis objects in their place you will need to delete.
There are 25 pre-made custom Townies and 1 Landlord with a customised appearance. More Townies and NPCs will spawn as the game needs them. Playable sims also have deceased ancestors in their family trees, complete with character data.
Lili's band is in a phone group.

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Lots and Families:

CC and CC Credits:

Additional Credits:
Bodyshop Sliders Added to CAS by Aaroneous
24 Sliders and 20 Sliders by simNopke
10 New Custom Sliders, Even More Sliders, Eight Sliders, and Face Length & Lids Depth Sliders by Memento-sims
VERY Late-to-the-Party Sliders by Lifa SimPE by ambertation
Lot Compressor and Hood Checker by Mootilda
The Insimenator
The Sim Blender by twojeffs
The Batbox by Pescado
The Memory Manipulator by Aaroneous
Riverview City by LordCrumps, I borrowed their idea of putting TVs on columns in my own bowling alley... hope that's ok
Site owner Tashiketh for helping me fix some bugs in Fellbridge
The Sims 2, its Expansion and Stuff Packs, and all related content by EAxis
PowerPoint and MS Paint