Confetti & Lace Bridal Boutique

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Confetti and Lace Bridal Boutique

So my daughter is getting married this year and I have been to umpteen appointments with her. Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions in the UK our search for a dress was curtailed and at this point in time she still hasn't been able to choose one and her wedding is booked for August!

Anyway, this inspired me to make a bridal boutique. Finding specific bridal items to decorate the boutique was quite hard and also because TS2 is such an old game now the links to the creators were hard to find too. I have succeeded in finding all the CC except for one which is included in the package file. It's a photo that sits on the counter so if you don't want it just untick it when you install the boutique. I've included a couple of other pieces of CC that were hard to find as well. The rest of the CC is listed below and you can find it at the links that I've supplied.

I've also made five posters for the boutique and a shop sign which are included in the download file. The posters are recolours of the H&M poster, Color me sold! Banner by Zecutine.

The boutique has two floors to explore. The ground floor is devoted to bridal gowns and has a fitting area and entourage viewing area at the back of the boutique. Your entourage can sit in comfort awaiting your appearance. The upper floor is devoted to the bridesmaid and mother of the bride, with outfits, bags and shoes. There are also two fitting rooms.

The second floor also has the customer toilets and a staff room and office. Outside there is a breakout space for staff and of course if there was a fire a way out for everyone! (You gotta think of these things!)

CC by me
5 posters: Color me sold! Banner by Zecutine for £310, found in decorative, wall hangings.
Shop sign: Remapped illuminated shop sign original by mog remapped by pooklet for £150, found in lighting, miscellaneous.

Included CC
Deko (Wedding photograph) by Marilu (no link as I couldn't find it)
Remapped illuminated shop sign by mog by pooklet
Confetti and Lace shop sign recolour by me
Elegant bridal shop tiara by sims 2 connection by Janna (no link as I couldn't find it)
Elegant bridal shop mannequin by sims 2 connection by Janna (no link as I couldn't find it)
5 Wedding posters recolours by me

Not Included CC
Long and short veils and Glamour life mannequin Gdayars
Wedding dress racks, armchair, table, wedding pictures 1 & 2, changing booth ATS2
Armchair, Bridal mannequin 01 & 03, Groom mannequin 02 ATS2
White divider from Boutique Whitewood set BabyAisha
Sims 3 dumpster for sims 2 joninmobile
Male formal mannequin Menaceman44
Female formal mannequin Menaceman44
Mannequin pullover dress converted by Veranka DeeDee Sims
Male mannequin the natural suit ? converted by Rented space & Female mannequin Beo wedding 21 DeeDee Sims
Female Mannequins x2, ballet flats, 4 types of bag, stilettos, heels Cassandre
Deco cars: llama town car, smooga hatchback, hunka sports car, limo sunni
Busstop Skya
Wrought iron cemetary fence tbudgett
Independent expression Inc windows 3 tiles tall and standard Marylou
Deco wedding dress limelove
Deco wedding dress Ez2ciamaprincess

Simlish used on the posters and sign

Images used:
9 dresses
5 dresses

Grateful thanks must go to Gdayars who recoloured the Glamourmannequin for me because Menaceman’s is broken. And who then made me some deco
veils on stands for the shop.
Also thanks to Ekrubynaffit who always comes to my rescue when I can’t find CC or links!

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 247,076