[0426 UPDATED BUG FIX] ARKHELIOS - A murder mystery and sci-fi scripted hood by redandvidya and nappe

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Uploaded: 23rd Mar 2021 at 9:33 PM
Updated: 27th Apr 2021 at 8:18 AM
04/26/2021: All name bugs, including sims, lots, and bios are now fixed. Apologies for the wait as I had a brutal two weeks of school finals, only could get back to my gaming PC now. Thank you!

It's here!! It's all finally here! An original, unique hood that resulted as the first collab between Red (simstate) and Nappe (nappe-plays-the-sims).

Founded by Abraham Helios and disillusioned citizens protesting laws limiting freedom of expression (or freedom of partying) ARKHELIOS is embedded in the midst of nowhere between mountains no normal sim would dare climb. The community managed by itself up until the untimely death of Abraham. As succession is called into question and secrets unravel, will the inhabitants of ARKHELIOS be able to find peace again or plunge into chaos?

What is Arkhelios? Arkhelios is a 10 household, 50+ sim story hood that revolves over the founder, Abraham Helios, being suddenly murdered! Find out who the killer is and look into all the drama and storylines of all the families!

What does Arkhelios require and is it CC-Free? Arkhelios was created with the Ultimate Collection in mind, so you'll need all EPs and SPs for everyone to work as advertised. Arkhelios does come with some CC, but it's purely for lore reasons and it's only a little bit! Arkhelios REQUIRES a camera mod to play all the households.[/B]

How long does Arkhelios take to complete? We recommend you play through all the households in this playing order. Please note that YOU ONLY NEED TO PLAY THEM for 1-2 DAYS at a time to solve the main mystery, no need for full rounds!

More features of Arkhelios:
  • Scripted events for all households!! With custom notifications!
  • A secret puzzle in the hood you have to solve!
  • After you'll solve this secret puzzle, you?ll know who the killer is in a "machinima" style cutscene!
  • Secret easter eggs everywhere! Will you find them all?

Custom Content Included:

Notes: Certain behavior changing mods like Story Progression can cause a lot reset, which will break the scripted events. In that case, I recommend taking out SP to finish the main story, and then putting it back in once you've completed the story :D

Note 2: Certain pics in the game might trigger your eyes- some of them are photosensitive. If you have sensitive eyes, please take care and don't play for now!

Don't wanna listen to the same old Sims 2 music while playing this hood? We have two Spotify playlists based on the story of Arkhelios!! We put a lot of care in them, we hope you like them! [ Playlist One | Playlist Two ]

Lastly, here are all the statistic stuff for the households:

Neighborhood Number: ARKH
Number of Lots: 16
Number of Sims: 68, including Townies and Pets

Lot Statistics:
  1. Fontana (5x4 Lot) : $370,148
  2. Chun (3x2 Lot) : $87,225
  3. Rivales (5x3 Lot) : $170,088
  4. Helios (3x2 Lot) : $77,976
  5. Hydes (3x2 Lot) : $92,818
  6. Bellamy (4x3 Lot) : $125,744
  7. Mishra (3x3 Apartment Lot, shared with Soileh) : $72,160
  8. Soileh (3x3 Apartment Lot, shared with Mishra) : $66,992
  9. Durant (3x4 Lot) : $87,126
  10. Armstrong (2x2 Lot) : $29,493

Enjoy! - PSYCHDUO (Red & Nappe)

Additional Credits:
And of course, what wouldn't be a download post without crediting and thanking some people?

lazyduchess​ who helped a lot: she helped on the modding stuff, and is responsible for making this hood as unique as it is! Thanks!
whattheskell​ who gave feedback on the hood and playtested it! <3
reginacyrkonia for feedback and help on making the video and giving filming tips to me, a newbie! <333
general inspiration for arkhelios style: katatty​ and moocha-muses​'s nekojima, penig​'s widespot, eddysims​ for photos, skell (again) for story.
special thanks to some people who helped: ara-fusilli, xwhitepolar, premiumfeel, bob aka lapis, MAGLX, ri2xe, residentgoth, superlegal, thybrid21, zan
special thanks (nappe): Hans, 70% dark chocolate, free meditation videos, weird apartment neighbor