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Rustic Bar - No CC - Community Lot

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Uploaded: 17th Mar 2021 at 11:33 PM
Bar Crawl, anyone? Let's start here!

First up to visit is my take on a "rustic bar". Seemed fitting to post this today, so Sims can visit a nice bar.
This bar was requested by TenshusPrime and is slightly inspired by the Stardrop Saloon in the game, Stardew Valley.
Never having visited a bar, I had to rely on movies and TV I have seen and internet pictures of the ole Stardrop Saloon, but I think it turned out quite well!.

It was also suggested that it may be a good addition to Three Lakes vacation hood as another place to visit by Gummilutt, who provided some feedback.

Decorated in cozy, warm colors and wood, the bar has three distinct areas for keeping bar patrons engaged.
The bar, with bar and table seating. There are also useable nectar bars behind the counter.

The music corner for those live performances. Not feeling musical? Just enjoy the wall speakers that play country music!

The gaming area, which has a dart board, poker table and pool table.
Vending machines (not pictured), comfy seating and restroom facilities (not pictured) are included for those who would like a small snack break.

One glitchy thing is that when playing with walls cutaway, the following will happen... It's caused by the mirrors used. I tried to fix it, but was unable to. I would suggest playing with walls up or totally down if this bothers you too much, or even just from another angle. Sorry about this!

This lot has:
  • Bar, bar seating and table seating as well.
  • Musical area with violin, piano and microphone.
  • Country music speakers in both areas.
  • Gaming area with dart board, poker and pool.
  • Snack/vending area with seating.
  • Unisex bathroom.
  • Fun lodge/country/rustic bar theme.

No CC - All EPs and SPs installed.
(A clone of this lot was playtested with no issues as a community lot, not as an owned business. The champagne bottles aren't usable, only for decoration.)

Make it your own and have fun with it! Thanks for looking, and if you feel like it, leave a nice comment!

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 101737

Additional Credits:
TenshusPrime for the request.
Gummilutt for the suggestion.
My best friend for prodding me into posting on St. Paddy's.