Bohemian Gazebo Redux

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Uploaded: 24th Mar 2021 at 1:25 PM
Years ago (and god knows how many tumblr blogs ago) I made an edit to the Store's One with Earth Garden Gazebo, removing the vines and repainting it slightly to make it a little more versatile. I grabbed that file, looked at it and couldn't just reupload that, so I did a major overhaul that would satisfy me and bring a cool item edit I loved into 2021.

This does not require the original One with Earth Garden Gazebo , and is a completely new item edited off it, so should not conflict with it

What I fixed:
  1. Removed the vines and leaves
  2. Modelled out the underside a bit more to unflatten that underside, which originally was flat, but had a decorative recolourable channel for it (Which looked stupid when flat)
  3. Rebaked the diffuse & Specular (ofc) to look a lot nicer.
  4. Remapped the roof a bit to fix some mapping errors it had and some weird texture areas the roof originally had.
  5. Fixed a gap in the top of the roof that EA left alone for some reason
  6. Made 2 presets that made sense and looked good

Object Details:

Recolourable Channels:
  1. Roof
  2. Main Columns/underside beams
  3. Decorative Pillars
  4. Underside paneling

Catalog Name: Vintage Garden Gazebo by One With Earth
Catalog Price: 750 Simoleans
Catalog Location: Decor > Misc
Catalog Description: Simple & Free Spirited, the Vintage Garden Gazebo is a perfect base for any backyard or park you want to add that vintage, shabby chic or bohemian feel to. Simply build, add plants and decor and with no effort you have a beautiful relaxing

Model Details:
HLOD: 3319 Vertices | 2468 Faces
MLOD: 1978 Vertices | 1002 Faces

Credits & Mentions:
Textures were rebaked in Marmoset Toolbag 3 & cleaned up in Substance Painter.

Polygon Counts:
HLOD: 3319 Vertices | 2468 Faces
MLOD: 1978 Vertices | 1002 Faces