Body Shop - Clean UI & Widescreen

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Uploaded: 25th Mar 2021 at 1:24 PM
Updated: 13th Jun 2022 at 11:03 AM - Fixed a scrollbar in the import menu for hair
4:3 is so 2004, bring your Body Shop into the 2020s with this widescreen mod!

  • A brand new UI based on Clean UI
  • More items will be shown per page than before with the extra added horizontal space, which means less scrolling to find what you need
  • Body Shop gets resized to a more modern 1600x900
  • I've managed to fix an annoying bug where the UI would still be interactable when invisible
  • Adjustable Camera (through the included ini file)

If you're getting an error message about failing to initialize one or more pointers try raising the 'iMaxRetries' value inside BodyShopHack.ini
By default it will give up on hooking into BS after about 5 minutes, depending on how fast your hard drive is or how much CC you've got installed this might not be enough time.
Adding 600 to this value corresponds to adding 1 minute of waiting time.

If you've set up display scaling on a normal DPI display the window will probably not scale correctly, it will either have to be disabled globally or for Body Shop only under compatibility settings (For the original TS2BodyShop.exe)

BodyShopLauncher.exe was made for the M&G version of Body Shop (v1.17.0.66)
It will almost certainly not work for any other version of Body Shop.

BodyShopLauncher.exe may be picked up by your antivirus due to the way it hooks into Body Shop,
you can safely add an exception for it if this is the case. Feel free to look through the source code and compile it yourself
if you don't trust it.

Please note that your display must be larger than 1600x900, the UI is built for a window size of 1600x900.
If your monitor is exactly 1600x900 you can still use this mod, but you'll either have to use it with the built-in full screen mode (Alt+Enter), or use a program
like borderless gaming to allow for easy switching between Body Shop and other windows.
If you have any issues, make sure you've read this section and then try running GraphicsRulesMaker for Body Shop.

Install Instructions
  1. Locate your Sims 2 M&G install directory, this will be shown as [Sims 2 Install] from now on
    For the Ultimate Collection it will be something like this:
    C:/Program Files/Origin Games/The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Fun with Pets/SP9/
    C:/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Fun with Pets/SP9/
  2. Extract the contents of 'to_csbin/' to [Sims 2 Install]/CSBin/
  3. Extract the contents of 'to_tsdata/' to [Sims 2 Install]/TSData/
  4. That's all, make sure to launch Body Shop with BodyShopLauncher and not with the original executable,
    the launcher does some extra stuff to make everything work, but still needs the original executable.

Uninstall Instructions
Delete all the files contained in the zip file but do NOT delete CSResources.ini, this file is required by Body Shop.
Instead remove '0x00000000 = 0x086d4a89;%DataDirectory%Res\UI\SmugTomato_bs_cleanui.package' from it and save.

Whether you use this mod or not, you can enable anti-aliasing for Body Shop by editing [Sims 2 SP9 Install]/TSData/Res/CSConfig/globalProps.xml
Replace the value of the line with key="antialiasingQuality" from 0 to 4

Custom Background
If you want a custom background, you will have to do it manually, Body Shop Mechanic will crop the image to the wrong resolution.
Make sure you have a 1600x900 image and save it as UserBkg.bmp in your Sims 2 User folder(1 folder up from your Downloads folder).

Custom Sliders
If you have any custom sliders installed they will by default use the smaller Body Shop version of their icons, I've provided some "fixed" for slider mods found here on MTS.

The icons in the topmost slider are what custom slider icons will look like by default, not great, but more functional than a stretched out and mangled icons.
The middle slider is what the icons will look like after swapping the Body Shop ones with the in-game ones.
The bottom slider is what the basegame cleanUI icons look like, I am not currently planning on cleanUI-ifying custom sliders.

To install, extract the contents of the zip files into your Sims 2 Downloads folder, please make sure not to rename anything, the 'zzz_' in front of everything are there to make sure the files are loaded last so they can overwrite the original slider mods. Please note that you still need the original slider mods, the packages I've provided only swap the icons.

If you're using slider mods not "fixed" by me and want to use the bigger icons you will require some basic knowledge of SimPE.

I've tested using this on Linux using wine and it seems to be working just fine, though Body Shop does not seem to like using D9VK, using WineD3D should fix the flickering background.

Source Code

Additional Credits:
greatcheesecakepersona for making the original Clean UI for the game and providing the DIY kit for others to use

Mirablu for starting the original thread that got me started on this project

The people on the MTS discord for providing feedback and helping me test before uploading