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Tara V 3.0 (30.04.2021)

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2021 at 10:55 AM
Updated: 30th Apr 2021 at 5:12 PM

Some sites have been removed and new ones have been added. The city is presented in two versions - empty and built-up.
Based on the history and description of the city I invented, I rebuilt and redesigned the appearance of the city. Added new sites and removed inappropriate to the history of the city. Added a lot of stones and a mystical cave. I also added communication towers and water towers. Added three active ports. Completely rebuilt resort (Island hotel / hotel).
Initially I wanted to make three versions:
1. An empty city
2. Built-up city
3. Built-up and populated city
But it is impossible to settle families. I have not yet found a solution on how to do this. Families are pumped and completely ready. If I cannot resolve the issue of settling, I will place the families separately (with a full description and who lives where).

There are 2 types of cities in the download. One empty - Tara V 3.0 N 1. Second built up - Tara V 3.0 N 2.

Added city save with families.
The families themselves can be viewed and downloaded separately (City with Sims TARA - 3.0).
The city is built up and inhabited. Created as a save game.
Be sure to first install the city that is built up (№ 2), and then set the save along the way: Electronic Arts / The Sims 3. If you already have a Saves folder, just merge it.
Description of families can be found (Families can be downloaded separately):
Additional photos of the city can be found here:


Residential - 24 sites.
Public - 25 sites. There is a beach (it is in the photo). Three ports (shown in the photo of the city).
Empty lots - 6.
The city is designed and built up in order to be productive, but at the same time have everything that is necessary and interesting for the game within the framework of the idea of ​​creating a city.
The city map itself is huge. This is the highest possible. The passability is limited (the townspeople will not walk in the mountains). The rotation of the map is not limited. There are 10x10 sections in different parts of the town, if you find it a long route from home to work, you can install a metro. In some areas "LAMA aircraft" was installed (in 4 areas, in each remote part of the city), for additional fast movement. The idea, of course, is that only magical characters will use it, but what prevents an ordinary sim from opening the properties of the teleport.

Public and residential areas:
Most of the public areas are the play holes of the game itself. I mean the town hall, bookshop, cinema, etc. But some areas with burrows have been completed and are working lots. There are also lots completely built from scratch and there are lots taken from the game. Lots taken from the game have been rebuilt and improved. Some completely, some partially.
Those areas that are slightly rebuilt are shown from only a few angles. Otherwise, the topic will be too voluminous, and these sections are familiar to everyone from the game. Therefore, I see no reason to lay out their images in detail.

Public lots:

№ 1. "Administrative center", Cinema Premier, Shopping complex "Gefest"
Inside the administrative center are the military base, the police and the town hall (rabbit hole).Inside the Hephaestus shopping mall there are local business representatives, journalists and a city restaurant.

№ 2. Beauty salon and books "Dionysus", Commission "Hestia", Library "Folio"

№ 3. Borey School
School for high school students. For lower grades, it is located in the historical part of the city. The school has 3 classes, 1 gym, changing room with shower, dining room, banquet room, director?s office, medical office, separate toilet m / f.The site itself is defined as a gym. With it you can use mods for schools and liberal professions (for example from Zerbu).

№ 4. Hotel and dance club "Bacchus"

№ 5. Elixirs and goods of Asclepius
It is said that Asclepius created the very first elixirs in Tara at this very place. The building may look new, but only in appearance. The elixirs it sells are as traditional and powerful as magic itself. Next to the store is a gypsy trailer with a real fortuneteller.

№ 6. Dikteyskaya cave
An ancient cave about which there are different and conflicting stories. They say foreigners who got to the island during a shipwreck lived for many years in this cave. It is believed that there is a curse on it, and whoever goes inside may not come out. Although, according to some reports, pirates invented it to protect their shelter and preserve treasures.

№ 7. Film studio "SimCityMax"
Yes, the island has its own film studio. It produces not only soap series but also not bad films of various genres, which residents enjoy watching in a local cinema.

№ 8. Old cemetery "Radamant"
One story is known about this cemetery. Initially, the cemetery was a family one. Until three wrecked foreigners were buried there. After the crash, the three lived in a cave on the outskirts of the island, alone. No one was able to find out who they were and where they came from, and where they headed. Each of them had some peculiarity. One was deaf, the other was blind, and the third was dumb. It was believed that they were cursed and they brought this curse to the island. They say that after their appearance, it rains more. It got colder, and the land was less fertile. Perhaps this version with a curse is taking place. It is difficult to swim up to the island. There are many small and large rocks around, the bottom is dotted with rocks and stones. Constant storms and downpours create an insurmountable fortress around the island. A dense fog often persists over the island. It is the fault or, as the scientists say, the location of the island, but satellite communication on the island does not work. Therefore, on the island, there is still an ordinary landline telephone in every house. There are local towers, but the connection is poor. Here, newspapers are still the primary source of information and local news.

№ 9. Resort "Tavmant"

№ 10. Beach

№ 11. Pond for fishing "Grove"

№ 12. Equestrian center "Little pony"

№ 13. Salon "Haircut and Tattoo"

№ 14. Bar "Wild North Wind"

№ 15. Fire station of the city of Tara

№ 16. Landfill "Waste clean"

№ 17. Administrative center of the city, Kamena School of Science, Square in the city center for celebrations, Ceres School of Arts and Medicine, Memorial stadium and wing, Pollux School

Residential areas:

№ 1. Wuthering Heights
There are many rumors about this place. In a sense, this is a taboo place. They don't talk about him and no one will show the way to him. And it is not mentioned in the tourist brochure. One of the oldest houses in the city. The famous Asclepius once lived in it. Although the city has his old shop and it is on the list of city attractions, the house has a terrible history. Asclepius was a physician and very successful. He could make a cure for any disease and the inhabitants appreciated and loved him. Asclepius successfully married the daughter of the local governor of the city, receiving not only an unusually beautiful wife, but also a significant dowry. Asclepius was happy, everything was going so well. Soon the wife became pregnant. The night the twins were born, the moon was full. A few days before, a woman in long clothes and a hood that covered her face had come to the door. Approaching Asclepius, she said only one thing: "On the night of the full moon, two children will be born, but not for the sun, but for the moon." Asclepius was not afraid. He was sure that this was the business of envious people. And they want to scare him. On the night of the full moon, he went up to his sons and noticed that one was as pale as snow, and the other had too hot skin. One has gray almost white eyes, while the other has yellow as amber. Now Asclepius was frightened. But he decided that there is a scientific, medical explanation for this and he will find the answer. On the part of his wife, and on his part, there were no relatives with such anomalies. Deciding that this might be a rare disease and feeling some suspicion about his wife's loyalty, Asclepius decided to accept everything as it is.
The sons grew up, and the older they got, the more clearly it became clear how different they were. In the settlements and in the city, young women began to disappear, without a trace. Residents gathered together decided that the fault of the sons of Asclepius. Determined to restore justice and return their daughters, the fathers of the missing young women, the elders and all the men of the city went to the house of Asclepius. When angry and armed residents with torches approached the house, Asclepius himself came out to them. He said that the sons were missing and would allow those who came to inspect the house. The residents were outraged! Immediately they split up and started looking for the twins. The house was empty! One of the residents noticed a descent into the basement behind the house. When they went down, they found only an old library and a small wine cellar. After the disappearance of the twins, the disappearance of the women also ceased. The inhabitants turned their backs on Asclepius. They stopped communicating with him and his wife, inviting them to visit. But he was regularly visited by the store for medicines. So until the end of his days Asclepius and his wife lived. And after his death, Asclepius bequeathed the store to his niece Geya, who in turn passed it on to her daughter Desme.

№ 2. Wooden manor

№ 3. Lexington

№ 4. Rose residence

№ 5. Family estate

№ 6. Solid estate

№ 7. High-class house

№ 8. Apartment house "Parthenon"

№ 9. Prairie Smile

№ 10. Kind home

№ 11. Bridgeville. A group of inexpensive cottages
New buildings for young families and residents with a small budget. Budget cottage village.

№ 12. Brick house

№ 13. Dabldej

№ 14. Cozy villa

№ 15. Cornucopia

№ 16. Gone By The Breeze

№ 17. Miramonts

№ 18. Ginger
House of the Madson family. Antinous Madson was married to Yoanna. After the wedding, Joanna became pregnant and a healthy boy, Deandre, was born. About a month after his birth, Yoanna disappeared. Antinous only said that he woke up in the morning, but his wife was gone. Nobody saw her again.

№ 19. Black maelstrom
A place that many have already forgotten about. Far from the settlements, in the depths of the island, there is a huge cave. It was in it, and not in that small cave near the coast, so beloved by pirates, that those same shipwrecked foreigners lived. These three were not ordinary people, they were priestesses. Foreigners had to save something important and valuable. What was dearer to them than their lives...

№ 20. Andron


The idea of ​​the city, as far from the life of big cities. I just wanted to make a realistic city where you could live in the wilderness and far from the neighbors and the bustle of the city. There are residential lots that are located so far away that a sim can get from morning to evening to one of the parts of the city. And life on the island is harsh. The island is rich only in stones and sand. Although the vegetation seems to be there, it is sparse. The land is not fertile, it is very difficult to grow something. The main dish on the local menu is fish. Fishing is the main activity of the average city dweller.

Of course, different goods are brought to the city, but rarely. The reason lies in the location and characteristics of the island, and in the changeable weather. The island is surrounded by a dense ring of rocky islets and a rocky bottom with protruding sharp stones. Large cargo ships cannot sail to the island, so you need to negotiate with small ships on the nearest mainland for transportation. Only one company is engaged in transportation to the island. Because of these features, transportation becomes very expensive. And many goods are significantly more expensive than on the mainland. The island has rich, middle-class and low-income people.
Oddly enough, there is tourism. Daredevils, fascinated by the stories and secrets of the island, are not stopped by a dangerous journey, although in the history of the city only once a ship with tourists was wrecked. There are cases when tourists disappeared without a trace, though already on the island ...
There are two hotels on the island. One is in the city, the other is not far from a rural settlement. Tourists celebrate their unforgettable atmosphere of the island and the lives of local people. In a sense, time goes on there in its own way. In many houses, furniture and appliances that were popular 30-50 years ago, and in expensive houses are found more modern. What is even more striking is that the horse is still a mode of transport. And you can see how one resident drives to work in a modern car, while another rides a horse.

WHY V 3.0

This is a sequel to Tara v 1.0. and Tara v 2.0. This is the final part of my work on this city. I still have to figure out the possibility of settling the city, but it seems to me that the catch is that I changed the weather and the NRaas / Porter mod simply does not recognize and does not allow the Sims to enter the city. My assumption is based on the fact that this is the only thing that I have changed in the city. Before that, families were settled in cities without changing the weather. If I don?t find a solution, I?ll release families as a separate topic, with a full description.

P/S: No additional CC. Only game and add-ons except Keti Peri and Forward to the Future.


Map size: huge.
Patch Level: 1.67.
Layering: 8 layers including the Global Layer.
Effects: Surf, seagulls, birds, fog, different types of fish (Many different fish).
Textures: 6 textures.
Weather: Weather from Moonlight Falls.


1. Unpack the archive.
2. Add a city along the way: Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / Downloads.
3. Launch the game and click on "Downloads". Select the downloaded material and upload it.
4. Launch the game and select a city.

Additional Credits: