Slick Swax W

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Uploaded: 1st Apr 2021 at 11:29 AM
Updated: 24th May 2021 at 9:56 AM
Slick Swax W | Moist 'n Mild

This lot is a preview for my upcoming Vacation World WWW.

The MTS upload requirements for a World encourage uploaders to gauge a couple standalone lots first. So here we are.


Installation: Unzip the file, and place SSW1_3.package into your C:\Users\Name\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library folder.

Lot Name: Slick Swax W
Assignment: Big Park
Size: 64x64
Unfurnished Price: $164,766
Furnished Price: $448,890
Description: We just dumped some catalogue coasters on a parking lot and called it a day. Open 24/7.

Slick Swax W is a Theme Park featuring:

- 4 Roller Coasters
- Bowling Alley and Arcade
- Fast Food Place
- Comic Book and Gift Shop
- Seasons Stuff
- Gyro Spheres and Rodeo Bull
- Playground



Master Suite Stuff, Movie Stuff

- Roaring Heights
- Aurora Skies

- The Boardwalk
- The Savvy Seller

MODS REQUIRED for functioning shop
- Ani's Savvier Seller
- Dinadine's EDIBLE CANDY SET!
- Arsil's Bag of Chips
- Laurenisasimmer7's Edible Chips - Four different brands with custom flavors

- Barrier to Entry
- World of Wonder Carousel Collection for Whack-a-Set!, and the cotton candy and popcorn carts.
- Baby Changing Station
- Gumball Machine
- Multitab 6000
- Sizzle Baby Pro Deep Fryer
- Ice Cream Machine
- Regency Arcade for the machines.
- Titanic Toy Machine

Recommended Mods
- Barrier to Entry System: Ticket Machine Price Changes
- NRaas Retuner > Settings > General > By Tunable XML > Sims3.Store.Objects > TicketMachine > KTicketPriceYellow > 69
- NRaas Register


Slick Swax was flying high in the late '90s and early 2000s! We were buying record breaking coasters, absorbing mom-and-pop parks, and licensing superhero IP like a Valley Sim who just found our dad's credit card.

When the bills came however, bankruptcy forced us to transform into a dreary discount joint, a choice hangout hole for rebellious youth, where perhaps we add a lick of paint or a swing set every five years if we feel like it.

We hope your Sims enjoy their day at Slick Swax!


WWW will be a tropical Tiny Island Vacation World, (only) meant for use with NRaas Traveler, features including:

24 Roller Coasters and Tracked Rides
6 Business as Unusual Restaurants
10 Open Shops
7 Theme Parks
1 Water Park
1 Boardwalk
3 Hotels
1 Bungalow Park
1 Camping Grounds
1 Department Store
1 Strip Mall
1 Townhouse for free lodging


Would you like your cc-free CAS creation featured, with credit of course, as a resident/worker in WWW? Send me a PM!


How does the shop work?

1. Click on the Savvier Seller Register, Settings > Give Name and give the shop a name.
2. Click on the Savvier Seller Register and select "Hire Clerck".
3. When buying an item, click on its pedestal > Settings > Link to Register
4. Some items will be charged immediately; some need to be paid for at the register.
5. The clerk should now automatically restock anything on that pedestal.

The Roller Coaster store page says kids can’t use them.

Thankfully a mistake, kids can use them just fine.

NRaas Overwatch gave me a stuck Sim message, and I suspect it's your lot!

Set Settings > Stuck Check Auto-Reset to False, and please send me a screenshot of the stuck Sim next time it happens.



- Reduced stuff pack usage down to Master Suite and Movie Stuff;
- Metal textures and recolors for the coasters and supports;
- Coaster lighting improvements;
- Lots of flags;
- Deasphalted the kitchen;
- Made a start theming the stations.


- Fixed up the bowling alley;
- Made the shop a bit less "aggressive";
- Added optional Titanic Toy Machine items to the shop.

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 448,890
Lot Price (unfurnished): 164,766