Ixora Bush Fixed Location and Recolours - ISLAND LIVING REQUIRED

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Uploaded: 26th Mar 2021 at 4:51 AM
Hello Everyone!

Ixora Bush Fixed Location and Recolours - ISLAND LIVING REQUIRED

This lovely flowering bush from Island Living was positioned so that it cut through walls and always showed on the inside of buildings. I moved the placement in the mesh, using Blender 2.76, -0.2 on the Y axis (for those wondering) so that it would no longer do so, and added in a few recolours.

My version is called Ixora Bush Fixed Location by Simmiller in game, still costs 135 Simoleons (so cheap!), and is found in Build Mode under both Bushes and Flowers after clicking on the Tree icon.

Here's the original and new placement:

I added 3 new colours of flowers, and for all 9 colours, which includes the 6 originals, I also added a bluer leaf version for some variety.

Regarding the polygons, nothing was changed from the original, and I didn't make this an override in case anyone wanted the original placement still in their game.

Polygon Counts:
LOD0 906
LOD1 523
LOD2 60
LOD3 20

Additional Credits:
Blender 2.76
Sims4Studio Wishes
Photoshop CC for recolours