Seasonal Plant - Coleus

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Uploaded: 8th Apr 2021 at 3:31 PM
Here is a plant with insignificant flowers, but with leaves that will add colour to any Sims garden. It is a single mesh (with a GUID from my reserved block) and six recolours.

I believe these are actually tender perennials, however in the UK we tend to use them as summer bedding plants and I have treated them here in the same way. The coleus wear their bright leaves in spring, summer and autumn. They also have a small flower spike in the summer. In the winter, they disappear completely underground, then they will reappear the next spring. (You have to assume your Sims replanted them).

The Coleus are intersectable, quarter tile placeable and will attract butterflies. They don't require any maintenance such as watering, and don't have any interactions. Buying them should fulfil the want to buy flowers, should you get that in your game (I don't think I have seen it myself?). They are visible from hood view, and have a low poly LOD90 mesh.

As always, I have photoskinned the textures from public domaine images, and the picture attributions are under the spoiler'

The coleus appear in the catalog under Garden Center/Flowers for $15.

Polygon Counts:
Spring and Autumn 435 vertices
Summer (with flower spikes) 903 vertices
Winter (invisible) 4 vertices
Hood view 56 vertices.

Additional Credits: SimPE