Southern Heritage: The Heritage - 3BR 2.5BA

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Uploaded: 10th Apr 2021 at 8:17 PM
Updated: 5th Jan 2022 at 5:22 PM

  • Master bedroom with walk-in closet and full master's bath
  • Two second floor bedrooms for teen sims or child. With one full bath for both
  • Garage for one car with animation
  • Utility served as room for trash compactor and dishwasher
  • Front facade porch and back facade veranda.
  • There is green grass ground terrain and street light outdoors. Unfurnished house also has street light
  • Swimming pool tile under poppies to enable water shaders if you decide to make a pond.
  • There is 2nd floor nook called reserve you could add to second bedroom (in prototype house there were shelves)
  • All ceilings were painted as needed
  • Oh. And there are bookcases in toilets or nearby. There is poor man's replacement for toilet shelving. The Haven house's sharing same feature.

There is some CC used and shown up in screens
I have used object fixes CC and global lighting mods that were used in screens. They are not included with package and not necessary for install but you may need them to reach same appearance of this house in your game. Here is the list:
General tips to place and use the lot
  • You need at least Sims 2 Deluxe or Sims 2 Double deluxe with M&G to place it.
  • All files were checked through Sims2Pack Clean Installer. Houses had never been inhabited and both certainly safe.
  • Due to those fact Sims 2 make houses unfurnished in kinda buggy way (wipes fireplaces and necessary items from buy mode) I share this house also unfurnished. Unfurnished house has outdoor street lighting. They would look different in your lot bin. Furnished house has houses surrounding while unfurnished was packed from field. Also unfurnished house has UF in the end.
  • Same as first house in this tiny series, this one has same routing issue: sims sometimes ignore door from great room to bedroom and using the porch one regardless of weather. Don't know is it even an issue? I had never have a house with such kind of doors. But decided to warn you here anyways.

  • 05.01.22: description redacted. Attached files are not affected.
Regards. Vic ^_^

Lot Type:Residential
Lot Features:None

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price (furnished): 84.703
Lot Price (unfurnished): 36.573