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Coca-Cola and M&M recolors of Maxis vending machines with additional grunge versions

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Uploaded: 10th Apr 2021 at 7:29 PM
Hi all!! I went on a cc drawing spree and created 2 recolors of the "Kooler Than Ice" soda machine and 2 recolors of the "Super Savory" snack machine.

I made a Coca-Cola themed recolor of the "Kooler than Ice" soda machine along with an additional grungy version. I also made an M&M version of the "Super Savory" snack machine along with a grungy swatch as well. All of them have their respective brands written in Simlish.

If you only want a certain recolor, I have named the files accordingly.

*Note* CEP package is required for these to work

These are recolors, not default replacements or clones. They can be found in the community lots section (specifically the register icon) under the electronics tab as swatches to Maxis’s original meshes (“Kooler Than Ice” soda machine and “Super Savory” snack machine)

Additional Credits:
Credit to SIMale for his wonderful simlish fonts which you can find here: