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The El Dorado - Mid-Century Modern Home

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Uploaded: 16th Apr 2021 at 3:33 AM
Welcome to Flamingo Heights!  The lot you're viewing is number 7 - The El Dorado!  Have you ever wanted to go to Africa?  Do you dream of living on the lands of the wild safari?  Now you can!  Here in our neighborhood, with our latest home design in likeness of the beautiful culture of central Africa.  Come join us in Flamingo Heights today!

Custom content is required for this lot!  Please see the links below!

Hello Simmers!  Here I bring to you another home of my design which I titled the El Dorado.  It is a small one bedroom home designed as a starter or permanent home for your Sims, from my MCM neighborhood of Flamingo Heights.   Big enough for a single Sim or a couple.  The home is designed in late 1950s Atomic Age and Mid-Century style, with the primary interior theme being central African and Safari asthetic.  The use of colors here are earth-based tones, for a more colorfully relaxed and calming feel among the theme chosen for this build.  The home features one full bathroom, a dining room, living room, laundry room, and a full kitchen.  There is a patio space with a raised in-ground pool adorned with a decorative balustrade to accent the home's design.  Indeal for the nearly constant warm climate of Flamingo Heights (Oasis Springs in your game).  I built the home in one night, for which I'm pleased with the ending results.  I used the moveObjects cheat for most of the objects placement, especially when designing the living room and bedroom windows.  I feel the dividers placed inside the windows gave them a wonderfully unique look that goes with the home very well.  There are two walkways on both sides of the house that lead to the rear and front of the home.  These could possibly be converted into driveways if you wish in the future, but the space will be limited.  I hope you all enjoy this one, and be sure to watch for my future creations here on Modthesims.   As well as my other homes and buildings currently uploaded here!    

NOTE:  You can download the home without the CC but it will be devoid of ALL furniture except for the kitchen, laundry and patio!


Vaulted Ranch Windows - Peacemaker

Zanzara Decor Mask Set - Severinka

Zanzara Decor Vase Set - Severinka

Zanzara Bedroom - Severinka

Vesta Living - Severinka

RetroReboot Wall Clocks - Severinka

RetroReboot Table Clocks - Severinka

Out of Africa Set - BBZ - seimar8

African Masks Set - weckermaus

African Divider - blackypanther

Doris Office Ceiling Light RetroReboot - Soloriya

RetroReboot Vinyl Floor - Moniamay72

Kitchen Narissa Micowave - BuffSumm

Hydragyrum Bedroom Ceiling Lamp - Wondymoon