Stonestreet Apartments #3

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Uploaded: 20th Apr 2021 at 8:42 PM
Hey there!! :D

I've never been too much of a builder or "interior designer". I found that really overwhelming and stressfull that I couldn't really make stuff look good together. Recently I've been binge watching lilsimsie's videos and I got really pumped to refurbish something. I know it's not the best work, I'm still learing and practicing to get better. I had lots of fun with this apartment, hope you like it!

  • open kitchen with tea brewer and dishwasher added
  • four seat dining table and wall mounted tv in the living room
  • shower-tub combo in the bathroom
  • original bedroom split to create an office with a computer and an easel
  • in built roomates under the tv cabinet 
Important stuff
  • bedroom count- 1
  • bathroom count- 1
  • lot worth- 32 927$
  • lot place- Stonestreet Apartments #3, Evergreen Harbor
  • packs required- Eco Lifestyle, Tiny Living