Moonlit Lotus Manor [Residential, Family-sized]

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Uploaded: 19th May 2021 at 9:12 PM
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Moonlit Lotus Manor

Note: [Used a few cc from other creators. Explained below]

Inspired to build by Chinese Web-novels, and borrowing structures and style from the Beijing SiHeYuan (Courtyard houses) shown in this picture here:
This is actually my 5th-ish build, so criticism are expected and will be welcomed.
I refrained from using much modern looking items, like electronics or musical instruments, or even electrical lights sources, though you may find a few more modern looking things, like medical cabinet mirror in the bathrooms, fans in the living spaces, or even the fountain in the Central Courtyard. Hey, even the kitchens has got refrigerators and one of the kitchen, in the North-East, has got an aquarium!

Lot contains:
11 Houses:
  • - 3 Main houses (contains bedroom, dining space, and living space)
  • - 3 Bath houses (all toiletries needs)
  • - 3 Kitchens; and
  • - 2 Studies (each attached to West and East Main Houses)
1 Pavilion (North-West)
4 Courtyards (North, West, East, and Central)
2 mini gardens (South-West and South-East, between the two entrances); and
'Secret' passageways that connects to all houses, and surrounds the Lot.

Lot Info:
Price: 473,303 simoleons
Size: 5 by 5

Custom Content Included:
Custom Content used and included in the build, but the meshes and recolor files not included in the .rar file!! Please download the appropriate meshes and recolors that will be hyperlinked.
(The CC are linked by the item name and creator's profile are linked by name as well)

-Waterfall Shower Rocks by marvine, link: Waterfall shower
-Lotus plants by PineappleForest, link: Lotus Plant

These CCs are for decorations and should not affect your gameplay.