Photos In A Box

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Uploaded: 23rd Apr 2021 at 7:59 PM
Have you ever wished you could put pictures of your sim's friends up on their walls, but your sim didn't have any friends? Well now you can! I've curated pictures of everyday sims, just doing stuff, to put on walls. All pictures are screenshots from my game. Guaranteed to make your sim look more friendly and cultured!

Found in decor- wall hangings, this painting cost 245 simoleons and has 4 different versions with 4 frame colors (16 swatches total)I've affectionately named the versions Mixed, Family, Girls Only, and Oops all Landscapes! I would have made a boys only as well but I dont have a lot of screenshots of them. The mesh and frame are taken from the base game painting "Art In A Box". Works great scaled down, but scaled up the shadow dosnt follow it (see picture). this happens to the original object too, and the object looks silly scaled that big anyway, so Its fine.

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