Moon Islands Neighborhood - decorated, populated - no CC

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Uploaded: 2nd May 2021 at 11:09 PM
Updated: 27th Sep 2022 at 3:59 PM
Welcome to Moon Islands!
Moon Islands is an archipelago popular among tourists all over the world, consisting of 7 islands, only one of which is inhabited. In recent years many people have moved here to look for a happy and a peaceful life, and some have come here hoping to achieve a successful carreer here. Will their dreams be fulfilled? How will people who originally inhabited this islands feel about them?

This is a neighbourhood on which I have been spending my free time last month. At first I intented on making it into a German-Baltic-inspired coastal city, but I decided to make it a tropical Hawaiian-inspired hood instead, as I couldn't work out how to build Brick Gothic houses. All lots should be fully furnished and there should be enough available houses and apartments for some new sims. Some of the community lots have been based on actual Hawaiian buildings I saw on google images and Google Maps.

This hood is not very big and it does not have many sims. There should be 51 sims overall inculding custom-made townies and the necessary NPCs. Some of them were made using Bodyshop and custom sliders by  Nopke. You needn't download them to play on this neighbourhood, but I strongly recommend them because they really improve Sims 2 CAS.

Families: (8 families in total)
-Hill: 2 sims in total; 2 adult women - Letisha and Evelyn
-Alana: 3 sims in total; Kanani - 1 elderly woman: , Kaimana - elderly man and Keahi - 1 adult woman
-Kalana: 4 sims in total; U'ilani - elderly woman, Kanani - elderly man, Ku'uipo - adult woman, Kai - teenage girl
-Ramirez: 1 sim in total; Lisa - adult woman
-Kahale: 5 (6 if you count cats) sims in total; Kaimana - elderly man, Kamalei - elderly woman, Kealoha - adult man, Ku'ulei - adult woman, Kalua - child girl, Kya - female adult cat
-Palakiko: 3 sims in total; Naoko and Mahealani - adult women, Kamaka - adult man
-Moon: 5 sims in total; Jung-hyup - elderly man, Jung-sook - elderly woman, , Yoon-soon - adult woman, Won-soon - adult man, Han-ok - teenage woman
-Artist: 1 sim in total; Ji-soo - an elderly woman
-Harrison: 5 sims in total; Harold - adult man, Catherine - adult woman, Paul - child boy, Joanne - child girl, Molly - toddler girl

All lots except one are furnished. There are 13 residential lots and 23 community lots. 3 of those 23 community lots are hotels and 4 of the residential lots are apartment buildings.

List of the lots, their prices and sizes:
-Blue Beach Bungalow - 74532$ 3w x 5h
-White Beach House - 63373$ 3w x 5h
-Palakiko House - 55664$ 2w x 3h
-Alanas' Residence - 35065$ 2w x 3h
-Villainesque Modern Mansion - 159830$ 3w x 5h
-Bourgeoisie Nest - 120354$ 3w x 3h
-Modern House - 90920$ 2w x 3h
-One weird looking House - 67667$ 2w x 2h
-Social Housing Unit 1 - 87977$ 2w x 3h (apartment base)
-Social Housing Unit 2 - 87977$ 2w x 3h (apartment base)
-Johnsons' Block - 154956$ 3w x 2h (apartment base)
-Two houses - 18384$ 3w x 2h (apartment base)
-f - 2901$ 2w x 3h (empty lot)

-Moon Beach - 97828$ 5w x 5h
-Beach Minor - 44564$ 4w x 5h
-"El Ninha" Restaurant - 120655$ 3w x 2h
-Seaport - 70341$ 4w x 5h
-Warehouse - 98471$ 3w x 3h
-Clothes Factory - 59897$ 2w x 3h
-Farmer Don's - 73268$ 2w x 2h
-"Home & Wear" - 108574$ 2w x 2h
-"Big Game" Arcade - 47434$ 2w x 2h
-"Planet Gymnastics" - 143189$ 3w x 2h
-"Jewellery & Cosmetics" - 111296$ 3w x 2h
-Spa "Midnight Relaxation" - 50657$ 2w x 2h
-Recreational Area - 43089$ 2w x 3h
-Town Hall - 156270$ 2w x 3h
-Kanani's Store - 49212$ 2w x 2h
-Japanese Restaurant 'Sakura' - 53633$ 2w x 2h
-"64" Night Club - 72679$ 3w x 2h
-"Black Liquid" Cafe - 58140$ 2w x 2h
-Central Plaza - 52504$ 3w x 3h
-Hotel "Barracks" - 30541$ 2w x 2h (hotel)
-Hotel & Restaurant "Breeze" - 77901$ 2w x 2h (hotel)
-Hotel Serenitatis - 193762$ 4w x 5h (hotel)
-Public Toilet - 21978$ 3w x 1h

I have uploaded an updated version of Moon Islands in which I corrected grammatical mistakes in descriptions and moved some Sims so that they don't get stuck in the Ocean or a swimming pool. I hope the neighborhood will work perfectly from now on.

This neighbourhood's number is S021, so it might not work if you already have one named like this.
Open the and put the S021 folder into \Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods and turn on the game.

Cheats Used (in case you're wondering how some builds were possible to do):
-moveobjects on
-boolProp allow45DegreeAngleRotation true
-boolprop constrainFloorElevation false
-boolprop quarterTilePlacementEnabled true