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Control Dining Plate and Bowl Colors

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Uploaded: 2nd May 2021 at 6:05 PM
Updated: 16th Oct 2021 at 2:14 PM
Updated: 5/31/21 - to include a new remapped and remeshed default replacement bowl that should work better with patterned textures. If you downloaded the mod prior to 5/31/21, download the new version of your choice. Delete the old zzzBowl-Color-Choice in the downloads folder, replace it with the new one. You don't need to replace zzzPlate-Color-Choice or the DishTexturePack. There are two versions of the default replacement bowl. One looks exactly the same as the Maxis bowl, and one doesn't have the small plate/saucer under it. Choose one version. Downloaders who find this file on 5/31/21 or later should use one version without deleting anything in the folder. 

These objects, a stack of plates and a stack of bowls, control the color of the plates/bowls that Sims use to eat with. Prior to this mod, players could choose up to one default dish color. Now you can have seven different choices. Serving bowls and plates don't take on the new colors. Medieval players can have simple dishes for their peasant class and ornate options for their monarchs. One family can have white plates, while their neighbors eat off neon green dishes. These need to load after any default replacement textures you have. Found in Appliances > Misc

How it works - Purchase one stack of plates and one stack of bowls per lot. Change the color of the objects using the pie menu. Every time a Sim grabs a plate or bowl, it will automatically take on the color of the control plate/bowl.  The bowls are repositoried to the plates. These objects are compatible with default replacement dish textures. Lots without control dishes will take on the color of the default replacement, if you have one, or the regular game colors if you don't. 

Recolors - This object can not be recolored using Object Workshop. It allows for seven, and only seven recolors, which are contained in a single texture pack. To recolor, open the Dish TexturePack in SimPE, then proceed as usual with replacing the textures. Don't change the internal file names, fix integrity or clone this package because that could break the code. Feel free to use your favorite seven defaults to make your own texture pack for your own game. If you make a texture pack to share, make sure your downloaders know they can only have one. Of course, don't redistribute a texture pack full of someone else's textures without their permission. 

Conflicts - overwrites the following and adds BHAV to the following groups
- 0x7FB04617 Function Init Food Dish - Small Bowl
- 0x7F117E7C Function Init Food Dish - Bowl
- 0x7F451324 Function - Init Food Dish - Standard
- 0x7F8EDC88 Function Init Food Dish - Dessert

I don't think anyone else has edited these.

Credits - Morague's black edged plate default is shown in a photo.
Joandsarah77's pattern shown in a photo
Charity for the thread that inspired this object
LazyDuchess and Chris Hatch
Everyone in creator feedback who tested this.