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6 Tropical Lots - NO CC: Luana Bay Part 1

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Uploaded: 5th May 2021 at 2:05 AM
Hi Guys! Here is part 1 of my Tropical Vacation Subhood. There is absolutely NO CC used in these lots. I did use iCad's Skyboxes
for pictures.

I am so sick of Twikki Island, Takemizu Village, and Three Lakes. Lechapeau's Isle St. Croix
is fantastic, but its hard to find vacation subhoods at MTS or otherwise. So, here's my contribution.

I am uploading these hoods by lot, rather than as an entire subhood, because it's easier for you guys to pick and choose the lots you like and how you want them to appear in your versions, or because you can add them to existing hoods. My Far Eastern subhood can be found here (part 1)
, here (part 2)
, and here (part 3)

Anyway, let's get to Luana Bay!
Luana Bay is a hidden island paradise on the other side of the world. Its friendly natives, delicious food, and sense of adventure bring sims to visit from all over the globe.

I am using the desiderata valley terrain to create this hood.

Part 1 contains:
Ancient Ruins of Luana- a touristy island spot where sims can shop for souvenirs, dine at the food stand, and appreciate the ancient ruins.
Hula House Inn- an affordable hotel where sims can stay with their families. Rooms range anywhere from1 single bed to 2 double beds.
Palm Fronds Spas- an indoor pool with massage tables, saunas and hot springs.
Luana Grill- a tropical restaurant
Tropical Sunrise Coffeehouse- an island coffee spot with space for hula dancing.
A 2 bedroom Vacation home under 20k!

Thank you so much for downloading and please leave me a comment if you enjoy!