Taz - my beloved Himalayan mix

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Taz is a Glutton, Friendly and Mischievous.

Based on Maxis' Balinese cat from Pets, I used the ingame sliders to reshape his head and body, and redrew his markings to look as much like my little shmoo as possible. 

He is an Adult Male. He was neutered, I am not sure if this saves to the file, but if not please have him neutered.

I would really appreciate screenshots of him in your game! 

Requires Pets.

Installation instructions: place the unzipped files in your Tray folder.


I made this kitty in loving memory of Taz, my little buddy who crossed the rainbow bridge 4/8/21. 

He was about 19 years old when it was time.

He was a determined chowhound, and spent his time in pursuit of food or the opportunity to sneak food, when he wasn't after attention and belly rubs. He would eat absolutely anything. If he heard another cat (or person!) throwing up, he would make a beeline for the mess  and happily gobble it up if I didn't get there first. 

I couldn't even walk out the door with breakfast to go in the morning without him catjacking me for his share, so I could hop in my truck to leave without him on my heels!

I miss him so much.