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The Cloudscape - Mid-Century Modern Home

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Uploaded: 7th May 2021 at 6:47 PM

Welcome to Flamingo Heights!  Featured here is lot number 8 - The Cloudscape!

There is no CC for this lot!

Hello to the Simmers of the world!  I bring to you another home from my 1950s themed neighborhood of Flamingo Heights.  This is The Cloudscape!  A home designed to be inviting with it's varied use of bright Atomic Age colors luring you inside!  This is a spacious three bedroom home with a full kitchen area, a dining room, a living room, laundry room, and four bathrooms!  The backyard features a large pool and patio area ready to entertain your guests or simply relax you during those hot desert days.  When you first enter the home, you're greeted with the main hallway that connects all the rooms together and includes the dining area.  The living room is done in a lovely yellow and white theme, with wood accents.  It has a private entrance from the front of the house as well, but this is not meant to be the main front door.  The kitchen's theme is the famous seafoam green and blue that the 50s decade is known for, and it connects to the patio area.  The master bedroom is done in a rustic brown and red Moroccan color theme, complete with its own bathroom.  The smallest bedroom is good for children or teenagers and it can be converted into a private office space or a nursery for the baby Sims.  The second largest room is primarily the guest room, having two fold-out beds that can house four Sims.  This room can be converted into a single large bedroom if desired or left as it is for your intended guests.  Each bedroom has its own personal bathroom, as well as another guest bathroom at the end of the hallway.  The laundry room also connects to the patio.  I built the home with the moveObjects cheat on, and I hope everyone will enjoy it.    Happy Simming!

Again, there is no CC for this home!

Please do not upload my homes without my permission!  Have a nice day.