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The Personality Mod ~ Version 1.3

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Uploaded: 9th May 2021 at 10:41 PM
Updated: 1st Feb 2023 at 8:19 AM
Compatible with Patch 1.95

Change Log:

1st February 2023 ~ Version 1.3
  • Updated French translation.
  • Added Secondary traits. Now your Sim can have 1 Primary and 1 Secondary trait. Both the main package and the Addon have been updated.
  • Added a Randomise interaction for all the traits.

~ 5th January 2023 Version 1.2.3
  • Added more custom Wants to whimsets.
  • Edited the weights of some Wants to make some more common than others. Wants such as Move House will now show up less frequently.

~ 1st September 2022 Version 1.2.2
~ Updated Russian translation.
~ Removed Career wants from Whimsets.
~ August 26th 2022 ~
  • Removed the reactionary Dance Want from the Pleasure Sim trait. This was irritating beyond belief.
  • Updated all the whimsets for compatibility with my upcoming Hopes & Fears mod.
~ July 30th 2022 ~ Updated for compatibility with the new Wants. Please redownload and delete ANY old version of this mod. Also make sure you have the latest update of the XML Injector.
~ April 18th 2022 ~ New Whims Added
~ December 18th 2021 ~
  • Removed the “Buy…” whims from the traits. Even with weights changed, these were still overpowering a bit so until I tweak those whims themselves, I’m removing them from the mod. Don't worry: they'll be back but much improved next time!
  • Added an Addon package for three new traits: Grilled Cheese Sim, Creativity Sim and Power Sim.
  • New Whims Added (Requires Custom Whims Mod)
~ June 10th 2021 ~ Multiple updates today!
  • The Custom Whims and The Personality Mod are now split into separate downloads. The Personality Mod adds the traits to the reward store but the Custom whims are now separate. If you do not install the Custom Whims package, you will not see my Custom-made whims.
  • Frank’s Pack Test Mod is no longer required. The code wasn’t working properly and it turns out Whims won’t support it. The mod is still safe to use even if you don’t have all the packs listed.
  • Fixed the ‘Own A Business’ whim so purchasing a business from the computer also completes the whim.
  • Updated the ‘Become A Spellcaster’ whim because it didn’t seem to complete consistently. Now it should.
  • Updated the ‘Have Baby’ whim so it should complete, regardless of where the birth takes place.
  • Fixed the Public Woohoo whim so it should actually complete all the time. Thanks everyone for your feedback with this one!
  • Fixed a series of small tuning errors. While these didn't stop the mod from working, they were irritating me. Thank you ChippedSim for your assistance with locating and fixing these!
  • Updated Russian translation.

The Personality Mod is the first larger mod I've made for The Sims 4.

You Will Need:
  • Scumbumbo's XML Injector ~ This makes the traits show up in the reward store. Don’t worry; the XML Injector doesn’t add anything to your game, it just allows this mod to work as intended. You need at least Version 3 for the traits to show up.
  • The Custom Wants Mod (also by Me) ~ This is a loader mod for all my custom wants, so if you want my new custom-made wantss, you'll need to download this too.
What Does It Do?
The Personality Mod adds 6 reward traits to the Reward Store. Each of these traits are inspired by the six Aspirations from Sims 2: Family, Fortune, Knowledge, Pleasure, Popularity and Romance. Each trait costs 0 Satisfaction Points, so you can add the traits to newly created sims, straight out of Create-A-Sim.

Each trait has it's own set of Whims and those whims are directly inspired by the appropriate Wants from Sims 2. Because of this, the reward traits act like a base personality and influence the whims your Sim puts in.
For example, a Fortune Sim may wish to own their own business; a Family Sim may want to have a baby or adopt a dog; A Knowledge Sim will be curious about the supernatural etc.

The Aspiration Addon Package
With the update on 18th December 2021, I added a separate addon package contain three new traits: Grilled Cheese, Power and Creativity, due to popular request. These are NOT essential but more an optional extra, should you want them.

The Whims
While there were some excellent whims available to suit each trait, I felt like many were missing. As a result, I set about creating my own. This mod contains around 40 new whims, each associated with the six reward traits. Among those whims are several whims for individual careers. Each of those whims will only turn up in a Sim has certain traits or skills, so they won't be random.

Once again, the new whims are based on Wants from Sims 2 and should line up fairly nicely. 
The exact whims for each trait are as follows:

Primary And Secondary Traits

With the 1st February 2023 update, I added the option of having primary and secondary traits. Previously, you could add as many as you like to simulate this but now, you can have one of each.
In the reward store, each trait now denotes if it's a primary or secondary trait. Primary traits still cost 0 satisfaction points; secondary traits cost 50 points.

The main difference here is that Wants from Primary traits have greater priority over Wants from Secondary traits.


This has been a popular request and it's finally here! With cheats enabled, shift + click on your Sim to bring up an interaction to Randomise Primary Trait and Randomise Secondary trait. This will be calculated based on your Sim's aspiration, traits and preferences.

The Technical Details
This mod is Base Game Compatible.

The mod currently supports the following translations:
English (Me)
Chinese (GreenOnionC)
Danish (Josie)
Dutch (Britt Boons)
French (Kimikosoma)
German (Hendrik McSims)
Italian (Isy)
Polish (webkinzfrog)
Portuguese (Viniciousvill) (abronte)
Russian (Origamika Group, Joliebean)
Spanish (Sabrina Garcia)

Known Issues
~ The Grilled Cheese Sim trait currently has no Wants attached to it. This is because Maxis decided not to update any of the whims I’d used with this, so I’ll need to do it myself. Watch this space!

This mod doesn't conflict with any other mods at this time.

Planned Updates
In the future, I plan a few updates for the mod:
~ New whims: I want to include some new whims relating to later packs. Additionally, I want to include a few more to line up better with Sims 2; particularly for Pleasure, Family and Romance sims.
~ An interaction to allow Sims to discover another Sim's personality.

Without the following people, this mod would never have come to light:
AnotherPlumbob, for the idea and for early testing and feedback.
Zer0 and Mirai M on Discord for their input and suggestions to get started.
ChippedSim for answering my questions.
Marco for helping getting targeted whims to work!
Scumbumbo for creating the XML Injector and Triplis for updating and maintaining it.
Zerbu for the Mod Constructor
The creators of Sims 4 Studio
Sabrina Garcia, Britt Boons, Hendrik McSims, Kimikosoma, Viniciusvill, webkinzfrog, Origamika Group, Isy, Josie, GreenOnionC and Joliebean for translating!