European Townhouse - Small Lots - 4 Versions - Part 1 - No CC

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European Townhouse - Four Corners - 2 Click Foundation and 1x1 size Lot - No CC

This is one of the Maxis houses belonging to the Pleasantview neighborhood, this lot offers what is 
known for the community, a kitchen, dining room, and living room on the first floor, on the second 
floor a large room, a bathroom and a small balcony, it is one of the smallest plots in terms of 
construction and because of that I wanted to offer it in smaller versions of the land compared to 
the original.
the plot size of the lots was modified with the Mootilda's tool
Lot Adjuster
and the foundation height was modified with the tool
Mootilda's TS2GridAdjuster tool and following the guidelines published by 
CatherineTCJD's tutorial.

These lots have four corners, which means they have a vehicular road on all four sides of the lot.
Technically these are 1x1-sized plots, in order to install and use them you must have a 
neighborhood templates 
with roads similar to those shown in the images.

you can download and use any of my neighborhood templates to place these lots, it will be fun to 
have lots in your neighborhood that are different from the traditional ones in terms of land 
The lots were tested with Sims after saving clean copies.

European Townhouse Four Corner

This plot has the height of normal foundations with four roads on its sides and its real building 
land is 1x1

European Townhouse Four Corner 2 Clicks Foundation

This plot has the height of 2 clicks of height of foundations with four roads on its sides and its 
real building land is 1x1

European Townhouse 1x1 Size 2 Clicks Foundation

This lot has 2 clicks of foundation height and its plot size is 1x1.

European Townhouse 1x1 Size Lot

This lot has the normal foundation height and its land size is 1x1.

verified and cleaned with Simspack2 Clean Installer by Mootilda

If you want to put all these lots in a single neighborhood map you can download this one: SeaBeats Archipelago


this lot file was saved in the Sims 2 Base Game