Dr. Dominic Newlow's PSP hairstyle converted to The Sims 2

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Uploaded: 21st May 2021 at 8:44 PM
Hi! This is my first and probably final upload to MTS. I had been exploring the PSP game and playing with a tool named NinjaRipper and managed to rip out Dominic's hairstyle (along with the tragic 126px texture!)

Since this was for personal use and only for Dominic, it comes in one colour, black, for the life stages Young Adult, Adult and Elder. The young adult stage contains the default black swatch, the adult stage uses Dominic's unique greying colour and the elder stage just uses a grey.

The hair is exactly 688 polygons with 496 vertices, if you're wondering why it's a bit high for a low poly game, it's because I had to add backfaces to it.

The texture as you can see is very poor. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do about this as the max texture size it seems I could rip from PSP was 126px. Upscaling the texture made it blurry and almost made the hair look as if it were a TS4 clay hair.

I hope those who download this hair enjoy it, I know there were some people wishing they could make their Dominic accurate for years but couldn't as his hair was unique to the PSP game!