Bust of Antinous as Dionysus-Osiris

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Hi everyone!

Antinous (c. 111 – c. 130) was a Bithynian Greek youth and a favourite beloved of the Roman emperor Hadrian. After his premature death before his twentieth birthday, Antinous was deified on Hadrian's orders, being worshipped in both the Greek East and Latin West, sometimes as a god and sometimes merely as a hero.
This bust adaption originates from a full-figure marble sculpture of Antinous, known as the Antinous Braschi, depicted as Dionysus-Osiris, housed at The Pio Clementino Museum, originating from around 130 BC.

I made this bust from a free 3D model I found on the Internet. I reduced significantly the number of faces, built an UV map, normal map and textures.

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Additional Credits:
Blender, TSRW, S4S, S4PE.
3D Printable Bust of Antinous as Dionysus by SMK - Statens Museum for Kunst (myminifactory.com)