The Four Schools - The Realm of Magic Improved!

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Uploaded: 23rd May 2021 at 10:44 PM
Updated: 23rd May 2021 at 8:15 PM
this is the ultimate revamp of the original Realm of Magic lot! i liked the look of it, but felt it lacked alot... magic and stuff. so i totally improved upon it and incorporated lore to help spice up gameplay!

it's a proper school, with a proper themed classroom for each discipline of magic. there are even bedroom for up to six sims, many, many bathrooms, and even the teacher of each classroom has their own living space! there's a big kitchen, a cemetery in the front, a garden that leads to the back, and a pool! there are even dueling areas, one for practice, and a grander dueling area so the teachers can watch. there are tons more secrets and stuff that youd probably have more fun discovering on your own.

the only CC i use when building lots is the wonderful Clutter Anywhere by plasticbox ! if you place this lot without the mod, its okay, i just use it to decorate the shelves with clutter. in order to be able to place this lot, please use the bb.enablefreebuild cheat.

now for the LORE

the school is split into four main parts, each emphasizing the four schools of magic and their founders:
The Madame of Mischief, The Knight of the Hedge, The Baron, and the Young Mistress.

The Madame's classroom is to the left wing, down the stairs where her classroom of mischief is ready educate your sims on the art of harmless pranks to career destroying spells.

The Knight of the Hedge's classroom is to the right, the years of magic encouraging the plants to grow a bit too much, inadvertently affecting the pool to the back.

The Baron's classroom is up the stairs to the far back. Unlike the previous two, it's got proper tables and chairs for actual classes- for untamed magic actually requires a lot of proper education.

And the Young Mistress, a protege of alchemy, was not given a room to teach in, for she was too young. The second she turned 18 however, she refurbished the basement underneath the mischief classroom into a secret bar for the students- with full support from The Madame, of course. Who manages the bar? A lowly elf who's been trying to get accepted into the school for years now, he's got a desk stacked with rejection letters(he won't stop applying though).

anyway, thats it! hope you like it! show me some screenshots if you can!